Keyword analysis: website keyword selection should start with making money

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The original Article is reprinted, mainly to record the writing of this article. This article shows many Seo methods mentioned in the book,

1. Highlight keywords in the content

2. Accurate text description

3. import link

WebsiteKeyword AnalysisIt is a prerequisite for the entire search engine marketing. It can be said that if this job is not done well, all the efforts for search engine marketing (SEM) will be in vain! Keyword selection is not difficult, but it is no longer easy to do it well.

Many people do not pay attention to keyword selection and analysis before selecting Seo services, but focus more on the price of a keyword and a seller. Without in-depth mining analysis and effective keyword deployment strategies, the ranking is both good and difficult to bring you effective clicks. If the keyword selection is not accurate enough, the ranking is superior, the website traffic is also difficult to convert to customers.

Keyword AnalysisI will not talk much about the importance. For keyword analysis skills, we can see on the Internet that most of the Sharing is some of the principles and standards for keyword selection, such as keywords cannot be too cold, too wide, how to select keywords, and so on. Why should we choose this keyword, what is the fundamental starting point for selecting keywords? These questions are not answered. These problems are exactly what we need to address.

For example, you may understand a lot. Assume that you are a real store. For a real Enterprise, what you want to display in front of customers is a physical address rather than a company address. This is determined by the nature of the REAL Enterprise. Websites play a secondary role in daily business. After all, the best way to turn viewers into customers is to let them patronize the store. You may not be sure why you need a website unless other companies already have their own websites. For shopkeepers, if they do not sell online, the biggest use of the website may be to help people find the company's physical address. Seo promotion starts with the following simple goals: people who want to enter the company name into the search engine can find your company. You put the optimized keywords in the form of various changes in the business name and position, which is likely to work, because the keywords are highly targeted, so there won't be too many competitors.

You may have some ideas here, regardlessWebsite keyword SelectionHow complicated it is, the only fundamental starting point is to take the company's business needs as the starting point. To understand the current website's role and objectives, we need to spend 10000 RMB a year to optimize a high-flow quantizer, it is better to spend 1000 yuan to optimize a word with low traffic and high conversion rate.

Author: Fan Shaohui
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