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Before we have said Google Trends, today we say keyword analysis of another sharp weapon, Baidu Index.

Baidu Index official website:

Like Google Trends, Baidu Index is also a keyword research tool, its function is more powerful than the Google trend. Compared with the Google trend, Baidu Index is also through the chart form to visually display keyword search volume and the trend of change over time, but it makes up for Google can not visually display the shortcomings of the search volume, in addition to the relevant keyword search and the user population distribution information, and other more detailed data, we look at the picture side said.


By the above figure I put the Baidu index into six big chunks:



In general, section A can be divided into 3 small pieces, through the comparison of keywords, through the regional comparison, through the comparison of time, respectively, to generate a trend chart B, from which we can intuitively see the key words, the same key words in different regions, the trend of time, Compared to the Google trend can only be compared to the keyword, so that we can more thoroughly understand an industry at different times in different regions of the development and direction.



In fact, B and C block can be combined, but because B block for us in the Baidu index is a very important piece of data, so I put him separate out, the top of which is the trend chart of the time range has been and key words, which I think we are very clear to do not elaborate on, down there are a few words "user concern", This is not in Google's trend, I regard him as the user search quantity (certainly is not the search quantity) to treat, uses the Google trend the person I want everybody to be clear, the Google trend refers can produce the key word the trend, but cannot know a key word each day specific search quantity for how many, but this data of Baidu, Just make up for the Google trend of that shortcoming, we can make specific understanding of such a word in a certain time period how many people in search, his trend how, can be said to our help is of great significance. In the following media attention and for a certain period of time, Baidu News with the keyword most related to the topic of the number of news, and then there are 2 arrows below, what is this? It acts as a timeline, and you can drag it to quickly adjust the time range to compare data.



C in the main embodiment of 2 large, one of the most relevant trends, through the specific numbers to visually show a year-on-year growth rate. Second, the relevant news, both the media Baidu news search and the most similar to the keyword news theme, he is also the media attention to the important indicators.



D can also be divided into 2 pieces, respectively, the top 3 of the relevant keywords and their concerns, and the other one to increase the focus on the fastest keyword and its year-on-year rise in percentage. One thing to note is that the fastest-growing keyword is not necessarily the relevant keyword in the top of the list of concerns.



Region distribution attribute, through which we can find out where a keyword is most concerned in the region, to the right of the first 10 of the city, through the left we can understand a province in the country in the keyword rankings is how, we can find keyword SEO in google Trends in Fujian is ranked the first province, Putian is ranked the first city, and Xiamen second, Beijing third, and in the Baidu Index in Beijing first, Putian and Xiamen, the top 10 are not in, the main reason is that the SEO is mainly to do business, compared to Google more than Baidu, so the ranking in Google more than before, But overall, we can find that, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Jinan, Google or Baidu are the top 10 cities, if we are going to find a job these places will be a good choice.



Crowd attributes, and user information collection, from this we can learn that the search keywords in the proportion of men and women, as well as age distribution, career distribution, as well as education, we found that search SEO this keyword most of the men, 20-40 years old between the most people, most of the career for it, education for the majority of college , this data is very similar to our real data, so we can have an intuitive understanding of the user information in our industry, and it will be a great help for us to make the corresponding marketing plan through the understanding of the user information.

Through the above understanding in this I also very much hope that we can personally use Baidu this keyword analysis tool, careful analysis of research, I believe that your impression will be deeper, your work will be more handy. Article from Taiyuan wiki seo (, reprint please specify the source and add links.

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