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Website ranking promotion, SEO is the result of this technical means. We know that in a site for SEO concessions, first need to select the main keyword, to the site positioning. Keyword selection is the whole SEO link is the most important point. Because whether after the content, station optimization or outbound link construction, are around the selected keywords.

Lanzhou seo-Oriental Huivan has done some analysis of SEO site, found a large number of unreasonable optimization of the situation, its main embodiment in the following points:

Use the company name as the main keyword SEO: This is a number of SEO novice often make mistakes, we know, do SEO purpose is to introduce traffic from the search engine, but if the company's brand awareness is not high, people will not go to search for the company name; Moreover, the company name will follow the weight of the site as a whole and promote As long as your company does not call Lenovo Baidu, then after doing a period of SEO, the company name should be in the case of no optimization, appear in the ranked first.

Take the industry's top words for SEO: This is a very common phenomenon, because we are holding a top word to do up the expectations and purposes for SEO. But this actually makes a fatal mistake, that is, the site without any weight, the top words can not have a good ranking. Unless the word is very uncommon, no other company is going to do it.

Use more than 3 key words for SEO: This phenomenon also in the SEO industry is very common. Sometimes look at the keywords in the source code of the website, some even have up to more than 10. There is even no correlation between these keywords. Can do more, of course, but more laborious.

The above is in the selection of the main keyword, SEO rookie will make some mistakes. We know that the key words are divided into main keywords, target keywords and long tail keywords. SEO before doing, we need the entire SEO strategy for detailed planning, that is, the number of resources and time used in the main keyword, how many points used in the long tail of keywords and target keywords. These should be done in the website before SEO has been planned well.

This, the main keyword and target keywords should be to achieve a good, long tail keyword is to do the content of the site to add at any time, the following is the Lanzhou SEO to everyone some SEO suggestions:

No more than three primary keywords, and don't write in the meta of the website. This is not only to prevent Baidu and other search engines to determine cheating, but also to protect their own is doing the keyword not be competitors know, thereby increasing the difficulty of the SEO.

The choice of the main keyword should follow the process of: medium easy-difficult to do. The first step can choose a "distinguish + keyword" as the main keyword, like "Lanzhou seo", "Lanzhou wedding Photography", and so on, and then select two related industry keywords. The choice of these two words should be a word that will be used extensively when doing the content of the website. For example, SEO related to website construction, then we choose "Lanzhou website construction" or "Lanzhou Web Design", and then, for example, wedding photography and wedding-related, then we can choose "Lanzhou Wedding Company" or "Lanzhou photographic Company" and so on. In the site weight and the main keyword rankings have greatly improved the case, and then do more difficult and more competitive words. This is better to do, get the search engine trust faster.

How to distinguish the competitive degree of the keyword. Some people say is according to Baidu Index, some people say is according to this word in Baidu's collection quantity. In fact, whether it is Baidu index or included quantity, is an auxiliary tool. The real focus is on whether the word has a strong competitor. The instant word has a 1 million Baidu index, but no one is competing and you can still do it easily. Before we see beautiful said that kind of horror of "Baidu weight", is because beautiful said oneself "made" a no one to compete word.

How to view the competitor's SEO level. You can compare 10来 by looking at the natural ranking result of the word. If all is the website inside page, do not have the homepage of the website, congratulate you, can be assured boldly to do. If the top 10 or even the top 20, the first 30 are independent site home, then or do not easily touch. What if I have to? View the site's domain name exists time, the number and distribution of the chain, the article update the degree and quality. If you're sure you're doing better than the top 10, then you can go on. Encounter that all aspects are inferior to oneself but ranked very good website (especially website construction and SEO class website), do not be discouraged, their friend chain should be very powerful, this time manifests is not the SEO level, but own business level. Take orders and convince customers to be similar to "Lanzhou SEO provide search engine optimization" or "website support by Lanzhou website construction Company-Orient Huivan provide" and other links to the customer site. Of course, don't forget to add anchor to the key words. Other types of websites are similar, make a business, convince each other to add a friend of your chain, adds up.

Long tail keywords how to build. Generally speaking, you have to have long tail keyword records, record you have done some long tail words. Then when the content of the site is written, the word is added with a chain link to the content that has been done. Avoid the long tail of the word to point to the home page. Can only bring a penalty to the website. At the same time, the appropriate site to do the long tail of the chain construction, but also the anchor link to the long tail word content. Will be outside the chain distribution of a wide range, do not point to the home page.

The above is the Lanzhou SEO to everybody's some promotion fast promotion website rank and the keyword choice aspect seo suggestion and the SEO strategy. Also hope that colleagues can all explore and learn!

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