Kill lui lei dog---cms---2-steps to use an open source CMS and install Dedecms

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Using open-sourceCMSthe steps

1, define the model (define the content of the site, define the field of data content)

2,Create columns, (planning the site's columns, categories, navigation, channels)

3, add the specific data content,

4, template creation, add tags to remove data

5. Generate the static page of the foreground.


1, download unzip,

The documents in this document are:

Docs: Descriptive documentation

Uploads: Installation program for software

easy to learn, create a new virtual host,

To modify the Apache configuration file:

After the new completion of the virtual host, the C Drive in the hosts file to establish a corresponding relationship:

Hosts file address:c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts

3, copy the extracted directory to the root directory of the new virtual host,

Copy the uploads directory into the d:/www directory and rename it to Dede

4, enter the address of the virtual host domain name in the browser.

After the amount is selected, click on the box and continue.

Here in Windows is generally not a problem, if in Linux just give him read and write permission can

Here to see the need to choose

Here according to the actual situation to fill out can

According to the requirements to fill in, in the local test password can be empty, but in the actual project on the line to absolutely complex point, to avoid being hacked, the inside of the cookie plus password do not control him, is automatically generated.

Installation Complete

Click for next steps

Here you can directly click to access the first page of the operation

Into the inside is a frame and nothing.

The next step is to enter the background, in the Address bar directly enter the enter the website backstage login interface

Enter your account password and verification code directly to enter the background, the background is as follows:

The backstage is more powerful ....

Right here in fact there is no need to worry about, here is normal, after all, what has not changed, and Dede is open source products and research his loopholes in the technology Daniel also many is, in fact, do not worry about

Kill lui lei dog---cms---2-steps to use an open source CMS and install dedecms

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