Killing cats with multiple images, vs performing load tests, and flushing all the shoes to Dudu :)

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Open vs first. Please turn off this page immediately

Select New test project-web performance and Load Testing

After the project is created, add the-Web Performance Test in the project. The browser will automatically open and load the test record plug-in.

If the test record is not loaded, go to the browser settings to open the relevant add-on.


In the open browser, follow the usual operations to open the blog garden home page, click various pages, refresh and other related operations, if you want to leave a message, you also need to start from the login

At this time, test record will automatically record your operations to the left and generate a script. After a system operation is completed, click Stop directly. The browser will close the script and add the script to.

In vs, we can perform some further processing, such as deleting ad loading. By default, we can simply save and close it.

Then, create a new load test. The load test requires SQL as the storage source. Open X: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0 \ common7 \ IDE.

You can find the loadtestresultsrepository. SQL script, directly run the script content in SQL Server, a loadtest database will be created, the Library name will change according to the vs version

The generated database is as follows:

Go back to Vs and select create Web Load Test in the test project.

I believe everyone can understand some of the data in the load test and will not elaborate on it, such as the number of users, latency, and test time.

The first test combination is to select a test case. We can add the Web performance test just recorded in the browser.

You can also select the simulated browser header during the test.


Others can be left by default. After the test is added

Now that the preparation is complete, click Run test in the upper-left corner of the load test. Do not elaborate on the legend.


Now you can basically run the test. For more information about the settings, see the MS help documentation.


Give Dudu something to do.



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