Kindeditor and jquery Easyui incompatible issues-don't show and can't edit issues

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Kindeditor and Jquery-easyui plugins have conflicting

Browser version:
Chrome Firefox
Kindeditor version:
Bug rendition steps:
1. Join the tabs in Jquery-easyui

Re-text area

<textarea name= "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" style= "width:80px; height:300px; " >KindEditor</textarea>

After adding

var editor1 = kindeditor.create (' textarea[name= "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"] ', {

The editor will appear but cannot be edited

Switch to HTML format to edit but cut back and report this error.

Uncaught Typeerror:cannot Call method ' getselection ' of undefined

It's like Easyui has this function.

Is it the conflict that caused it?

And if added to the Kindeditor.ready (function (K) {There is no way to go inside

Normal under IE
Expected Result:

Because most companies now use Jquery-easyui to do UI controls

And we're advocating for customers to use Chrome, but because of the editor

Feel kindeditor is very good, so I hope kindeditor can help solve the next

The problem of conflict with Easyui


To dialog after a fight, after the load, that is, the OnOpen event, close the logoff Onopen:function (event, UI) {
Create editor after opening dialog

Kindeditor.create (' #editor_content ', {resizetype:1, Allowfilemanager:true,uploadjson: '. /.. /kindeditor/ ', Filemanagerjson: '. /.. /kindeditor/ '});},onbeforeclose:function (event, UI) {//close dialog before removing editor   Kindeditor.remove (' #editor_content ');},

Kindeditor and jquery Easyui incompatible issues-don't show and can't edit issues

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