Kingboard Toss: Win8 The latest version of VirtualBox virtual machine installed OS X 10.9 Mavericks

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First step : Download and install VBox
: Https://

Download the picture of the line of two, one is the installation file, one is the plug-in extension. Installation steps not much to say ~ ~

Step two : Download the Startup Disk file and the system CD file
: Password: c1i9
Osxmavericks2.iso (Decompression OSXMavericks2.part1.rar, OSXMavericks2.part2.rar, OSXMavericks2.part3.rar)

Step three : Create a virtual machine

    • Create a new virtual computer in VirtualBOX

    • Memory allocation min. 2048 MB or more

    • Create a new virtual hard disk

    • Select VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)

    • Select an extension

    • Set virtual hard disk location and size, recommended size is up to 60GB

Fourth Step : Set up the virtual machine

    • Turn on the settings of the VirtualBOX virtual machine, on the motherboard set up, remove the "floppy drive", uncheck "Enable EFI"

    • Processor, select the number of dual-core CPUs = 1

    • Display, graphics card, video memory size set to Max MB tick Enable 3D acceleration

    • Add a new virtual CD-ROM, such as! Select the disk and find the one you just downloaded Hackboot_mav.iso loaded in!

      For example, confirm!

Fifth Step : Install Mac OS X

    • Under Hackboot_mav.iso boot, the following OSX boot page appears after the Virtual Machine menu CD/DVD drive, Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk File selection Osxmavericks 2.iso file

    • After the key F5 is refreshed, the icon label becomes OS X Base system, tap 空格 input -v -x Note there is a space in the middle, enter to start the installation system

    • The startup process may stop here for a minute.

    • If this step is jammed, prompt hfs: summary table not allowed on FS with block size of 2048 orhfs: could not initializc summary table forOSX Base System

C:\programfiles\oracle\virtualbox>vboxmanage.exe modifyvm "Mac"--cpuidset 1 000306a9 00100800 3D9AE3BF BFEBFBFF

macFor the name of your virtual machine!

    • At the beginning, select the installation language

    • When the installation system starts, you cannot find any valid hard disk, use the menu utility, Disk Utility, to format the virtual hard disk

    • Left click on the hard drive, select "Erase", name "Mavericks", then click Erase Erase

    • After formatting, close the Disk utility, click on the Mavericks disk, tap Install

    • Installation system takes about 30 minutes

    • Install MAC OS X system complete

    • After installing the system, a reboot is required, where the virtual machine is forced to shut down directly with the exit inside the control

Sixth Step : Modify the system, set up the system

    • Start with Hackboot_mav.iso

    • Go to the selection screen, select device, assign optical drive, select Osxmavericks2.iso

    • After F5 refresh, the OSX Boot icon label changes to OS X Base system (green light), press space input-v-x Enter the installation system again

    • Re-enter the installation system, this time the utility menu  - > Terminal

    • Enter the terminal, install the kernel extension, and then enter the command note the first named Mavericks is the disk name for your system when you format the hard disk

umount /volumes/maverickshdiutil attach /dev/disk0s2 -mountpoint /volumes/mntcp  -rp /backup/kexts/elliottforcelegacyrtc.kext /volumes/mnt/system/library/extensionscp -rp  /backup/kexts/fakesmc.kext /volumes/mnt/system/library/extensionscp -rp /backup/kexts/ nullcpupowermanagement.kext /volumes/mnt/system/library/extensionschmod -r 0755 /volumes/ mnt/system/library/extensions/elliottforcelegacyrtc.kextchmod -r 0755 /volumes/mnt/system/ library/extensions/fakesmc.kext chmod -r 0755 /volumes/mnt/system/library/extensions/ nullcpupowermanagement.kextchown -r root:wheel /volumes/mnt/system/library/extensions/ elliottforcelegacyrtc.kextchown -r root:wheel /volumes/mnt/system/library/extensions/ fakesmc.kext chown -r root:wheel /volumes/mnt/system/library/extensions/ Nullcpupowermanagement.kexthdiutil detach /volumes/mnt
    • After installing the kernel extension, after exiting the terminal, you must wait for the virtual machine's hard drive light to turn off, shut down the virtual machine

    • When off, set the disc to boot to Hackboot_mav.iso file

    • Under Hackboot_mav.iso boot, the following OSX boot page appears, use right button to select Start Mavericks (green light), enter to start the system

    • After you start the Mac OS X Mavericks virtual machine file, enter settings such as your Mac OS X Settings area and keyboard, as you can

    • Consent Agreement

    • Enter user name and user initial password

    • Select time Zone

    • Not registering a computer, you know.

    • When it's done, you can use it.

Kingboard Toss: Win8 The latest version of VirtualBox virtual machine installed OS X 10.9 Mavericks

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