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Wow, hey, all kinds of abnormal demands. This time the whole system runs automatically at startup.Program. Don't say I'm bad. Hey hey, C # can also start to run the drip automatically. It's starting, wow, the whole blue screen, or the whole black screen, it's always black, the buddy needs to go to each new monitor. Wow, haha. This instance is dedicated to Yin, hey.

The name of this instance is "auto-running software upon startup". It is implemented using C #. This instance has no difficulty. It just adds a little bit of fun to our C # learning path.

First, we should make preparations. Of course, we will introduce the namespace.

UsingMicrosoft. Win32;UsingSystem. IO;

Then, let's get ready. There are two ways to get the running directory from the instance location,

First, splicing

// Obtain the current path of the fileStringDir =Directory. Getcurrentdirectory ();// Obtain all the paths of the executable fileStringExedir = dir +@ "\ Setstart.exe";

Hey, you can do the same.

StringStrname =Application. Executablepath;

Of course, we are going to operate the Registry. Hey hey, here we will use the 360 guard to test it to prevent me from restarting the computer. Haha Of course, you can also view it by inputting msconfig below.

Hey. Okay. Now we get our file.

Declare a field that can use the registry.

RegistrykeyReg =Null;

Then open the registry.

Reg =Registry. Localmachine. opensubkey ("Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run",True);

Of course, what should I do if I don't do it,

If(REG =Null) Reg =Registry. Localmachine. createsubkey (@ "SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run");

Okay, you can write the registry value.

If(Isautorun) {Reg. setvalue (name, filename );MessageBox. Show ("Black screen is available for Boot","Prompt",Messageboxbuttons. OK,Messageboxicon. Information );}


 Public static void Setautorun ( String Filename, Bool Isautorun ){Registrykey Reg = Null ; Try { If (! File . Exists (filename )){ Throw new  Exception ( "What do you do if you have this file" );} String Name = filename. substring (filename. lastindexof ( @"\" ) + 1); Reg = Registry . Localmachine. opensubkey ("Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run" , True ); If (REG = Null ) Reg = Registry . Localmachine. createsubkey ( @ "SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run" ); If (Isautorun) {Reg. setvalue (name, filename ); MessageBox . Show ( "Black screen is available for Boot" , "Prompt" ,Messageboxbuttons . OK, Messageboxicon . Information );} Else Reg. setvalue (name, False );} Catch ( Exception Ex ){ Throw new  Exception (EX. tostring ());} Finally { If (Reg! = Null ) {Reg. Close ();}}}

Of course, I just implemented it for a moment. Hey hey, you can do it yourself

Every 3 seconds, the pop-up window tells you that you have been spoofed! (This window cannot be closed );

You cannot use CTRL + ALT + DEL to open the Task Manager (meaning you are running, unless you restart it, or you don't want to close it !)

...... Drinking black, I still don't want to talk about it. Prevent management from being banned.

Last served

At last, the administrator privilege is required to operate the registry. Therefore, make sure that the program runs with the permissions of the operator.

I like communication and programming. This is a programmer in kingdz. Hahaha



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