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Any enterprise depends on certain technologies andKnowledgeTo survive and develop, especially todayKnowledgeIn the era of economy, the competition among modern enterprises is moreKnowledgeCompetition with the ability to obtain and use informationKnowledgeEffective resource management is the key to whether an enterprise can remain invincible in the fierce market competition.

Knowledge Management (Knowledge ManagementIs to assist enterprises in the production, sharing, application and innovation of knowledge based on information technology from various sources, it also forms a process of knowledge advantages and value generation in enterprises, individuals, Organizational Operations, customer value, and economic performance.

KmasterYesKmAndMasterIntegration,KmasterThe Platform strives to be the best enterprise knowledge management expert.


KmasterThe knowledge management platform is based on the knowledge management concept advocated by the International Knowledge Management Association (km Institute). Based on the actual needs of domestic enterprises, it constructs a B/S-based software platform, the perfect combination of accurate storage, versions, permissions, and search of knowledge can help enterprises quickly establish a process-based and systematic knowledge management system, and improve their competitiveness and long-term development potential.

KmasterThe combination of SNS (social media, such as and Weibo) enables enterprises to conveniently use social media resources for knowledge management. We have also developed the concept of integration of knowledge management and organizational management. Through the knowledge expertise of each person, we can find the tacit knowledge within the enterprise; knowledge aggregation, user incentives, knowledge maps, data mining, training exams, and other functions have greatly promoted the application of knowledge management in various business fields of enterprises, it can also carry out quantitative Statistics and Evaluation on the usage of the knowledge management system.

KmasterBased on technologies such as mass knowledge storage, knowledge aggregation, data mining, and knowledge search engine, the system is built in.. NET platform. It is easy to install, configure, and maintain SQL Server databases. The system supports data encryption, hot data backup, Server clusters, and other functions. It also provides 7 × 24 telephone support and on-site support, to maximize the stability and reliability of the platform.

KmasterIt has been successfully applied to finance, IT, consulting, product manufacturing, service call center, and other fields, through advanced knowledge management theory, perfect knowledge management platform, and timely after-sales service, the company has been widely praised by customers. Kmaster is the most cost-effective system among similar products on the market.

I,Knowledge storage

Help enterprises accumulate knowledge. The system adds knowledge to the knowledge base by uploading attachments, adding knowledge, collecting the system, and adding a browser right-click plug-in;

The system can establish an infinite tree-like knowledge classification and specific knowledgeArticleAnd attachments are saved under a specific category for easy search;

Users can set their access permissions for each knowledge category so that different employees have different access permissions for different knowledge categories;

You can upload up to 2 GB of attachments and index files in the word, txt, PDF, HTML, and other formats to provide full-text retrieval based on word segmentation;

The system supports uploading audio, video, Flash, and other multimedia formats, and supports online playback;

The system provides comprehensive version management, supports version backtracking, and supports online comparison with historical versions. The system displays the updates of the new version in red;

The related knowledge function means that the system can automatically or manually associate similar knowledge points to provide reading suggestions for Knowledge Base users;

The knowledge sharing function refers to sharing a piece of knowledge to other employees to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge;

II,Knowledge search

Title search: Search for keywords in the Knowledge title by querying the database;

Personal Search: searches for the knowledge added by the employee and the collected knowledge;

Full-text retrieval: Full-text retrieval of all knowledge through the built-in search engine;

Comprehensive search: displays results through database search, search engine, and tacit knowledge search;

III,Knowledge collection

The system comes with the Web Crawler function, which can add articles and attachments from other websites to your Enterprise Knowledge Base Based on the regular expression of crawlers, so as to quickly enrich your own knowledge base; in addition, the system can automatically capture industry information or competitor information based on the specified jobs to help enterprise decision makers develop enterprise strategies.

IV,Knowledge Report

Displays the usage of the knowledge base, such as the amount of knowledge added per day, the number of reads, the number of searches, the number of replies, and the number of shares. It can also calculate the knowledge assets of the enterprise and quantify the knowledge competitiveness of the enterprise; the system can collect statistics on the release and reading of personal knowledge. It can also be used as part of employee KPI assessment;

V,Data Mining

By searching employees, you can mine recent popular keywords. By using the browser views of articles in the knowledge base for a certain period of time, you can mine the knowledge points of interest. By using the online research function in the training exam, you can conduct online research, obtain a large number of questionnaires for analysis;

VI,Online Training

The system can add courseware and push the courseware to employees for learning. Every time an employee learns a knowledge point, the courseware is recorded in the system until the entire course is completed; the system also allows employees to develop their own learning plans and conduct online learning and training based on their own learning plans;

VII,Online exam

An enterprise can establish its own test database in the system. The administrator can prepare the test database in the test database and then push the test to employees;

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