Know how to use the Edius Pro 8 for free

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Edius is the most professional non-linear video editing software, designed for broadcast and post-production environment, Edius is also increasingly popular in the industry, with a large number of fans and enthusiasts. Believe that many users of the software experience is from the trial version, the following small series to teach you to complete the application Edius 8 trial 31 days of the whole process.

For free access to Edius Pro 8, please go to:

Application Preparation:

First, download the Edius Pro 8 installation package in Edius Chinese official website ;

Second, the installation of the Edius Pro 8 requires the installation of QuickTime 7.7.5 or a later version;

Third, Edius Pro 8 requires a continuous Internet to create, validate, and activate your Edius ID and more information;

To ensure that the configuration of the computer can meet the requirements of Edius operation.



Application steps:

1, install the Edius Pro 8, restart the computer startup software, pop up the registration box.



Note that you have to create a Edius ID for the Edius Pro 8 trial version, so click the Edius ID Web, fill in the registration information in the Open link, and then click "Edius ID Registration", and you will soon receive a GV email in the mailbox you reserved.

2, open the link in the mailbox, the prompt to complete the initial registration.

3, then enter the trial page, select the latest Edius Pro 8 version, click Send, then your mailbox will receive information about Edius Pro 8 serial number, in the Edius ID trial page, you can see the serial number information and use period;



4. Type the serial number into the first Open Edius dialog box, click "Register", your Edius Pro 8 trial version can start to enjoy 31 days!

For more information on Edius non-linear editing software, go to the Edius Chinese official website to learn more.

Know how to use the Edius Pro 8 for free

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