Knowledge Feedback: Learning, practice, and output (consistent with the principle of focus Fixit)

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A person's ability is divided into three levels:

    • Resources , such as knowledge, skills, experience, time, energy, money, contacts, etc.
    • application Process , that is, the ability to use resources to solve problems, including how to do things, processes, strategies, etc., it is your ability to integrate application resources to create value.
    • value Orientation , that is, what you think is important and what doesn't matter.

We are in front of the goal to determine the direction of the knowledge system, and the goal is actually determined by your value orientation. Value orientation is a person's most important ability, and also the highest level of ability, it determines the direction of your life.

Your value orientation determines your positioning, and positioning determines the knowledge you are willing to learn. And knowledge is a kind of resources, is cured, is dead, must go through your application flow, can be internalized into their own experience, help you solve problems in work and life, create value for you.

Only the knowledge, does not understand the application, that is the bookworm.

Like the fairy sister Wang, remember every kind of martial arts cheats, but a trick also can not fight out, with people only by seconds killed.

Like "Fortress besieged" in the Fang gradually, also learned a lot of messy knowledge, but Hsin-mei evaluation He said: "You are a good person, but nothing", this is because he dabbled in many can not be used to create value.

I have seen some software developers, speaking of the programming language of a certain knowledge point, where all clear, but let him write the program, is a group of hemp chaos, simply can't think of what to use, to ask everywhere, list how to use, StringBuilder how to use, how to use the ListView, ask for a long time also will not use ......

Therefore, we must put the explicit knowledge into their tacit knowledge, to become their own ability.

Follow the procedure below to help you get the most out of your knowledge:

    1. Learn
    2. Practice
    3. Output

A lot of knowledge through the previous summary of the dominant, cured in books, networks, videos and other carriers, we began to learn from these vectors. This is the first step, and it lets us know what kind of knowledge, what this knowledge is, what this knowledge can be used to solve.

Don't stop, you go to this step do not stop, to continue to ponder:

    • What is the use of this knowledge for me?
    • What experiences and experiences in my past work and life can be associated with this knowledge?
    • In the future, how can this knowledge help me to improve my work?

Only if you have passed such conscious thinking, a dominant knowledge has the potential to transform into your own tacit knowledge.

Many people reading, watching video, listening to speeches, not pondering, just passively receive, just "browse" to have such a thing, "Oh" a sound on the past. So it's hard for them to get further gains.

When you go through the process of thinking, you come to the next step: practice.

Practice is a natural thing for people in certain professions, because their job is to deal with information and knowledge and to create value with knowledge. For example, software development engineers, such as financial analysts, such as fund researchers, have to apply what they have learned to solve real-world problems and have value for themselves. For some professions, most of the knowledge is often difficult to apply to practice, such as sales, such as the excavator driver, because the knowledge can not be applied to the practice of what value, it is easy to stay in the "browse" and then "Oh" this state.

Note: The work can be broadly divided into three categories, the first category is operational, such as lathe, fitter, gardening, and the second is to deal with information (data), through the processing, analysis, creation of information (data) to generate value, such as software development engineers, financial analysts, the third type of emphasis on interaction, the focus of work in interpersonal interaction, such as sales, marketing, insurance agents and so on.

This once again illustrates the importance of direction. If a salesman looks at "the World's Greatest Salesman", "Sales is to play the EQ" This book, will be able to find the application of knowledge in practice.

When you use knowledge in practice to create value, this knowledge is attractive to you and you will wonder:

    • What kind of situation does it use?
    • Does it have any other usage?
    • And what value does it bring?

When you are accustomed to the use of knowledge and constantly think like this, you become a piece of magnet, all kinds of knowledge will fly to your side, to become your.

This is the process of being endogenous, which is created by a cycle of "practice – thinking – practice – thinking".

Now many of us rely heavily on search engines, such as the ListView will not use, Google, copy and paste a piece of code to solve their own problems. But after the solution is often put down, no longer wondering why this code can solve the problem, why I did not think, next time how can I solve the problem, the result is that the problem is always asked the search engine, will never cultivate independent thinking and problem-solving ability.

Therefore, practice, thinking, re-practice, rethinking, until a certain knowledge into their own tacit knowledge and experience, it is really learned.

If you can apply your knowledge to solve the problem process, harvest experience, and then transform, share to others, help others solve the problem, then your knowledge of the mastery will go further.

Knowledge Feedback: Learning, practice, and output (consistent with the principle of focus Fixit)

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