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This articleArticleExplains how to save the documents on the document server as local PDF files in Data Loader.

First look at the operation process. First import the document to the server using Doc loader, Then browse in document explorer, and set the category

Then paste it to the required directory in the document browser.

In this way, this document has been officially classified and officially become a document on the document server. This is a policy in design. Assume that you have imported a large number of documents to the Document Server using Doc. However, these documents are not classified and will affect the existing documents that have been classified, to distinguish between the first-time document and the document that already exists on the document server.

Double-click any document in the doc browser and Open Doc viewer to read-only view the document.

Click Save in the toolbar to save the current document to the PDF format of the Local Machine for reference.


This is a way to browse the server documentation and save it as the local document format. The more detailed design is like this. You can select the Save format.

Set the format type to be saved in settings. In this way, you can select the format to be exported based on your preferences in the doc viewer.


The data solution system of the entire document management system has been presented to you: data processing, import, browsing, and export, forming a complete data processing system.


At the beginning, I mentioned the idea of reading and Editing data as the document management system. Data solution is obviously dominated by the future. data can be edited, processed, and processed, rather than read-only. You have full permission to perform any operations on the data on the document server. The permission processing is also ignored here. Considering that the goal is Personal Knowledge Processing, rather than team sharing, I have not added any permission functions, and all functions can be operated.


Go to to download the latest Data Loader version.Program.

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