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From the perspective of gctexamination, the logic knowledge and Examination Form are limited and focused. Even though there are more than a dozen courses in the software designer examination, as long as you know how to strengthen understanding and use of important knowledge points and examination forms, the examination is easier to find a pass. However, whether it is a software designer or gcttest, if it is purely for the test, it will lose the meaning of the test to a large extent. At the same time, such ideas and results are not promoted by the higher education class. We must have a profound understanding of the important guidance for promoting learning through examination and applying theories to practice.

GCT logic mainly consists of two parts: formal reasoning, understanding and application of knowledge, and demonstration reasoning, which focuses on critical thinking. As for the form of the third exam-analytical reasoning, although difficult, it can be understood as complicated formal reasoning.Demonstrate knowledge points of formal reasoning.

For the six basic types of proposition (aeioae), we mainly understand the relationship between aeio and party. In your mind, you must be clear about contradictions or other relationships, such as "not all" or "inevitably all. To be familiar with the meaning of the relationship, it is necessary to give the true and false of any node can quickly reflect the possibility of another node or a certain true or false status. After all, there is a time limit for the exam, and in real life, opportunities will not be given to unprepared people.

The Proposition Logic has been in touch with previous school education, but it is far from being skilled and flexible. It is necessary to be able to reflect the logical derivation of hypothetical and negative propositions in a very sensitive way. This is not only useful in the examination, but also useful in real life. When talking with him, he often does not have time to calculate, but has a consciousness that can process the data that is input into the brain and consciously analyze it to give an implicit or deeper meaning.

Modal propositions are very interesting and can be seen everywhere in real life. It contains Modal words, such as possibility and necessity, which have to be used in many occasions. There are also many similarities with the comparison between them, demonstrating the pattern of the modal proposition.

In short, formal reasoning describes three logics (word term logic, Proposition Logic, and induction logic) and seven kinds of propositions (blunt proposition, modal proposition, relational proposition, composite proposition (joint proposition, select proposition, hypothetical proposition) and negative proposition of composite proposition ). The proposition contains logic, which can deduce the meaning and deep meaning of the proposition.

The argument logic mainly examines the critical thinking and logic argument capabilities. The specific exercise methods of these abilities are carried out through the questions shown.


1) The general principle for verifying the hypothesis is to deny the incoming law. Consider finding or hiding assumptions

2) support questions as long as they can support questions and do not require adequacy

3) evaluation question: it mainly examines the ability of the evaluation argument. It is a combination of support and weak elimination. It provides positive and negative information on options, and plays a positive and negative role on the question stem.

4) Push the topic-top-down, high reading requirements

5) semantic questions: Pay attention to the differences between the logic of reasoning and the logic of language and the bridge between the conversion between each other, that is, the conversion of In-words information and out-of-words information

6) related questions-including debate, sentence completion, and logical description

Analytical reasoning is mainly a complex form of question reasoning. You need to manually convert the question stem into problem-solving charts through symbolic means to solve the problem, it mainly includes question sorting, question grouping, and multiple-choice questions (M elements are selected from n elements ).

In our life and work, we do not strictly investigate what is a proposition and simply understand it as what we say. Of course, many words do not require logical reasoning, however, logic can give us a more profound control over verbal or non-verbal conversations, so that the brain can process languages more effectively and the processing results are clearer. The logic can summarize some positive effects.

1) It can enhance the ability to distinguish people, especially when dealing with customers.ProgramSame as input, processing, and output. It is not like whether it is a user's requirement or a contract between Party A and Party B in a nuclear power project that has been buried by users in many pitfalls. This can only be attributed to poor resolution capabilities.

2) It can improve people's expressive and learning abilities. It enables us to think carefully and make our speech organized. At the same time, we can raise reasonable questions about the problems we have seen. A developer in a nuclear Power Project has been doing a certain process for a few months. In the end, the process should be almost completely negated, resulting in time-consuming and costly resources, and even worse, leading to a crisis of trust. The result is either insufficient expressiveness or insufficient learning ability. In short, the logic course must be completed.

3) can enhance people's innovation ability. It enables us to deeply understand the nature of transactions through logical analysis of superficial phenomena, while innovation is a kind of realm that can be achieved on the basis of true understanding. In a nuclear power project, there are a large number of configuration files in the entire project, and each person's work needs to be configured in the configuration file, and there are inevitably conflicts between everyone. In short, the efficiency is not high, the other master realized that each configuration file actually played a "information" mechanism in the project, and its generation had regularity, so we developed a small tool using VBA within two days. It's a lot easier.

In short, what logic requires is a kind of reasoning and sublimation ability, and an analysis and sublimation ability for the proposition composed of some basic elements and logical elements. Practice has proved that the exam may not promote learning (you can infer it ~).

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