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The game site has always been the impression of the whole, gorgeous, because the essence of the game is colorful beautiful art, each game itself unique elements, creating a unique charm of the game site. The development of online games in China is swift, thousand Years, Legends, heaven, Mu,ro, Many Korean games in China are very popular, local games are also deeply influenced and inspired by Korean games, the game site has the same development experience, from the Korean style of materials, templates, to composition, color, illustration creativity.

Seoul is known as one of the world's design centers, there are breathtaking architecture, enviable industrial design, into the art of daily life, there are so many aesthetic as the benchmark, website design Natural also has beautiful place, more important is a strong Korean style, South Korean netizens nearly 70% is under 30 years old. They are young and open, and they adapt quickly to new things. Like to surf the internet to play games, enjoy the way to entertain themselves online. So, you may see many sites that are visually appealing elements that are designed to cater to these users.

1. Animation

The use of Flash is the first impression that most people have of Korean websites, very gorgeous very dazzling, sometimes will focus on flash, and ignore the information on the website, cute little animals, smart portrayal, wonderful ideas and so on, in order to ensure such visual attractiveness, often at the expense of web design standards, However, for the region-wide users, the South Korean 46.8Mbps speed, will be nearly hundred users of IE user groups, perhaps they really do not need to consider too much. So we don't have to criticize Korea's Web site for having valid HTML, whether there is a reduction in availability, whether there is a time to send a virus warning, or complain about using Firefox browsing half of the content can not open ... just like Korean cars have gorgeous designs outside mediocre engines, popular plastic surgery, big long legs. , Korean People's World, we do not understand, but, handsome car and sexy big long legs, no one does not like, is not it?

Two cases, interesting flash.

2. Hand-painted and illustration art

1. Korea's web designer has a very good art culture, we will find many sites will appear a lot of hand-painted elements, whether as the theme of the whole station or for embellishment, there are a lot of handled the right case. Hand-painted on the site, you can add fun, usually in some children's game sites to use, add some interesting interactive processing, often very attractive.

A few good hand-painted style site, full of childlike artistic effect.

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