Kuaiiu startup (shortcutconsole) updated to v1.4 (major update + renamed)

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:Http://dl.dbank.com/c0d6iw26vc(You do not need to install green software for Huawei network disks)

Update to version 1.4 ~~

Change description:

Please note that after minimization, the image is always marked in the tray. Be careful that XP and win7 will automatically hide the uncommon icons in the tray.

1. rewrite all the code with MFC, run more smoothly, and clear some of the less practical small functions.

Listen to comments from netizens and simplify the Chinese name. The original English name is retained.

Cache icon to reduce preprocessing time.

Add the search box and select search engine. Press the tab key to activate its focus. Press the tab key again to lose the focus.

5.You can bind the URL on the button!

6. The interface is flat and looks refreshed.

360 this program may be falsely reported. Please feel free to use it!

The function of Automatically Checking for updates is still brewing...

Manage your computer like World of Warcraft!

A Quick Start program! -- Are you still worried about messy desktops and program menus? Try the convenient master Quick Start tool! It displays a virtual keyboard. You can drag programs, files, and folders to the keyboard's buttons, and then activate the virtual keyboard (default shortcut: Win + Z ), press the button to open the corresponding program, file, or folder. There are 10 tabs in total. Press the 0-9 numeric key to switch freely. 352 key bits in total!

Show/hide shortcut key -- Alt + z (Changeable)

: Http://dl.dbank.com/c0d6iw26vc (Huawei Network Disk)

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