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Donnie Yen was born in Guangdong, 2 years old to Hong Kong until the 11-year-old immigrants to Boston, United States. Mother Mabao is a world-famous martial arts and Taijiquan, in the local founder of the Chinese Wushu Research Association. Donnie Yen with mother to learn martial, but began to learn piano, will play Chopin March, music is his life inspiration one of the sources. Father Hing Yunlong, editor of the Boston China Daily, is good at strings and can play the violin and erhu. Donnie Yen inherited his parents ' musical talent and applied it to his films.

The mother in Donnie Yen will start to teach him martial arts, he learned from the traditional and modern wushu, as well as Tai Chi, understand the inner and outer laws of martial Arts. In Boston's Chinatown, young Donnie Yen never misses every kung fu movie, after watching Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and others, he can accurately imitate their movements, he even skipped school to watch Kung fu movies. Out of thirst for knowledge and some rebellious mentality, his eyes began to look outward, learning various styles of martial Arts. Because of his talent in martial arts, Donnie Yen is striding forward on the pursuit of the truth of Wushu.

In his teens, rebel Donnie Yen rampage through the infamous violence Zone in Boston. So the parents arranged him to Beijing martial arts team and Jet Li to study together, Donnie Yen became the team's first non-Chinese athletes, Beijing martial arts team set a precedent, then came more foreign personnel. Although the team's training is very strict, but Donnie wanted more, so Beijing he only stayed for a while. On his way back to the United States, he travelled through Hong Kong and was introduced to meet the famous director Yuen Woo Ping. Yuen Woo Ping is looking for a new screen hero, after seeing the Zhen, he knew found, thus began a long-term cooperation.

Inspired by the idol Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen not only explores the styles of martial arts, but also establishes his unique martial arts system. In the "Laugh Taiji", his excellent physique can be reflected; "Special police slayer Dragon", his fist shows the martial arts style of the faceted, he in the "Tima" show the charm of traditional martial arts, played Huang Qiying so lifelike, so that the film became the most influential in those 10 years. In the course of/or St, he did not stop practising wushu. In the process of improving both intelligence and physical ability, his understanding of the philosophy of Bruce Lee is more and more profound while the martial arts grow. "I have learned martial arts for many years, and will never break apart wushu carefully." I agree with Bruce Lee that we all have two hands and two legs, so there won't be many different styles of martial Arts. "

"Swat Dragon", he has helped gifted martial arts, friend Michael Woods (is often defeated by his black Strong) and Stephan Berwick (Beard), their boxing, taekwondo and traditional martial Arts. He also helped his friend John Salvitti (a white man kicked unconscious in the night), who creatively designed the fight scene and demonstrated superb fighting skills. His modern style of play in money laundering is considered by many to be one of the best moves in the history of action movies.

Tsui Hark in the film "Wong Feihong 2 hero when self-improvement" found Donnie Yen as Jet Li's last opponent. In that scene, Donnie Yen designed the creative movement of using wet cloth as a weapon. The film laid the status of his Kung fu star, and he was therefore nominated for the 1992 12th annual Hong Kong film Gold as Best Supporting Actor award. Then he took the "New Meteor Butterfly Sword", "New Dragon Inn", "Tima" and other films. In "Tima", he plays the father of Huang Fei Hong Huang Qiying, in the war with the Shaolin traitor to perform without shadow foot, is the 10 years of the most influential fighting scenes. His performance in these films proves once again that he is a generalist in martial Arts.

After the wind of traditional martial arts films, Shang to the pressure of Hong Kong TV dramas to develop his director's ability. He starred in two TV dramas "Hongxiguan" and "Jing Wu" and directed action scenes, the former is about Shaolin Yishi Hongxiguan in the Qing Dynasty's anti-Qing struggle, the latter adapted from Bruce Lee's film of the same name, reflecting the situation of Shanghai being invaded by Japan in the 1930s. In addition to Bruce Lee, a lot of stars have played Chen, including Jackie Chan ("New Jing Wu"), Liang (TV series "Fearless", "Chen"), Jet Li ("Jing Wu Hero"). The 30 episodes of Donnie Yen have ample time to tell the story, making each character more vivid than the old version. He also cites some of Bruce Lee's classic scenes, such as Chen wearing white in the Lingqian Condole, who broke into the dojo, surrounded by Japanese. He not only tried different styles of action, but also tried video, editing, sound effect, color key effects and so on. Romance, adventure, conspiracy, drama became the key factor in the story of Donnie Yen. This is Donnie yen, not Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Asian audiences see him in the street called him Chen.

1997, Donnie Yen began his director's road, launched the first work, "War Wolf legend." Talking about the basic goals of film and television creation, Donnie Yen said: "To mobilize the feelings of the audience, if not, it is not successful." "Many filmmakers make the film big, complex and intense, but Donnie wants his films to be close to the audience and bring them into their own world," he said. Although the legend of war wolves cost less than 500,000 dollars, he won the praise of the Asian commentary for its unique style, especially accepted by Japanese audiences, where he had many young hardcore fans. "War Wolf legend" in the world distribution, in the film, Donnie Yen plays a once known as "War Wolf" old Man, in flashbacks to tell a lost memory of young people only remember waiting for his lost love. As in the previous TV series, you can see the photographic techniques and the rhythmic rhythms of the experiment in this film. Unlike most Hong Kong martial arts and action producers, Donnie will not deliberately distinguish between filming and stage performances, in his view, martial arts is a form of expression, a kind of expression from the depths of your heart, like all forms of life in the universe, a gesture, a smile, even walking on the street is an expression.

In the rich country-style "war Wolf legend", Donnie Yen and director of the "Kill, Dance," The City of shootout film. The soundtrack from the music has always been a gentle, moving melody well-known Japanese female composer and pianist Nishimura Yujiang writing the soundtrack, West Village is seen Donnie Yen's debut "War Wolf Legends" after volunteering for the film work. Although it is the first time for Hong Kong film Creation soundtrack, but in fact Nishimura in Japan has many times for film, TV series, advertising and other writing soundtrack, can be regarded as experienced. Now the special thing is that this is a set of love action movies, and Donnie Yen himself is also a strong interest in music and understanding, so the second film music is a rigorous selection, play to make the West Village gentle outside the ups and downs of the different, passionate on the myriad side. In the film, Donnie Yen plays a killer who falls in love with a female police officer, who shot less than 500,000 dollars, filming the middle of the Asian economic crisis disrupted his funding, in a very difficult period, but Donnie Yen succeeded. The film was recognized not only by the Hong Kong film critics, but also by the 1998 Japan Film Festival and the 1999 Hong Kong Film Critics Academy Award for Best Director Award, and was screened in many international festivals.

"War Wolf Legends", "Kill and Dance", his TV series and his design of the movement, no one does not make Donnie Yen as a good film producer receives attention, he can within the limits of funds to work effectively. He never used storyboards, but conceived all the images in his mind, so long as he arrived at the point of shooting, he would be able to melt into the play, deciding on the camera seat, angle, and how the actor acted. Donnie Yen is also enthusiastic about the job.

In 1999, Donnie Yen flew to Berlin as the first Chinese filmmaker from Hong Kong to act as an action director for the German TV series "Code: Cougar (Codename:Puma.The pilot)". He then contracted the American sci-fi action film "The Ultimate Battle of challenger" in Romania, in the final episode of the Challenger series, in which Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul starred in two undead Highland people, Highlander:endgame. Donnie Yen not only acts as a guide, but also plays the ancient Chinese Sinco.

With his ability and experience to transcend the dividing line between East and west and Hollywood, Donnie has been able to speak fluent English, Cantonese and Chinese, born in mainland China, in Boston, in recent years in Hong Kong, and now in New York and Los Angeles, where he defines "cosmopolitan" in new ways. His films radiate his light and drive the world he observes, film production is flowing to Donnie Yen, is the picture, the music, as well as the audience and the artist information exchange. He brings a new World movie style to the millennium and the future.

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