Kx.cn short domain name is used to help sell second-hand cars. What do you think?

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Two days ago, I accidentally saw some people on Weibo saying that the previous quarrel of kaixin.com domain name was a problem. Finally, the short domain name kx.cn was bought by an industry network to help sell second-hand cars. The name of this website is the new second-hand car sales network, which is a good match with kx.

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Some people reported that the value of this domain name was more than 0.3 million, and it was acquired. I had to say that this company was really generous enough, so I couldn't help but look at their operation modes with curiosity.

It happened that I had the number of the person in charge of the new market center (No.: kxhulei), or simply talked about it: Introduce them (buy a new used car) the monthly sales volume of 1500 vehicles and monthly service of 3500 new customers (license plates) have been achieved, and in terms of price, the transaction price promoted by the new second-hand car sales team is 5%-10% higher than the direct price quoted by the second-hand car dealer in the second-hand car market, and about 10%-20% higher than the 4S store.

I searched for their official website on Baidu. I didn't make short domain names for bidding, but the title of their short domain names has been changed to the official website of the new second-hand car sales helper ,, the website content is also about opening new information. However, this domain name seems to have just been launched, and some old information has not been overwritten, or even the search engine has not yet included this domain name. Therefore, this domain name should have just been bought.

I went to their official website and read the introduction. Their operation mode is C2B's e-commerce model. Now, the traditional industry has developed a lot using the Internet thinking model. They should also be a new type of automotive companies.

The model is very novel. We use 300 merchants to bid for the auction, with the highest price. From the perspective of the car seller, this is indeed very good, because the bidding price is the highest, it is also a relatively high benefit for yourself.

From the introduction on their official website, we can also see that their services are quite distinctive, and The copywriting organization is also good. We can use four features 3 to describe:

30-minute free detection:

If you are a car seller, you may know that it takes a lot of time to perform a test on the car dealer, and the enterprise uses a specific number, dispelled users' concerns in the detection process!

300 merchant bidding:

The traditional model of selling cars is that the person or company that receives the car will evaluate the used car. Of course, this will find a professional evaluation company. I have heard from some friends that these evaluation companies generally lower the prices of car owners. I believe everyone can understand this.

This helps the customer to sell second-hand cars to open a new network, then the bidding model is adopted! That is to say, there will be 300 merchants going to bid for purchase, and those with high bid can get it! I think this is a temptation for the vast majority of car sellers.

Valid for 3 days, no price negotiation

It is valid for three days after the price is paid. The owner confirms the deal within 3 days. If the owner does not confirm the deal within three days, the price will expire and the owner will have to sell the car again.

Pay now in 3 minutes

It is convenient and convenient to get money. I think it is also a fatal temptation for many car owners!

I also asked one of my friends about this mode. If you are a person who wants to sell second-hand cars, would you consider this operation mode? The answer is, we will consider it, because for people who sell cars, it seems that some concerns have been dispelled by the company.


If the webmasters do not know whether it is feasible to use such a domain name for second-hand car sales from their own perspective, this enterprise's operation model is very novel, there have been many innovative companies on the Internet recently, and webmasters should pay more attention to some news in other traditional industries. Don't limit all ideas to technology! It may be helpful for you to be more open-minded and focus more on Internet industry information!

Source: Lu songsong blog (QQ: 13340454), original address: http://lusongsong.com/reed/1103.html

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