Lan Lingki Portal Solutions for Knowledge Management (LKS-EKP)

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Enterprise Information portal is an application system that enables enterprises to correlate information and knowledge stored within and outside the enterprise in real time, enabling employees, customers and partners to access the personalized information they need from a single point of contact (touchpoint).

The Enterprise information portal has three purposes:

Single point of Access: through a browser or other mobile device, through a unified corporate home page

Application integration: Integration of existing application systems

Personalization: Provides personalized information or interface representations for different users

Landray Knowledge Portal System EKP It implementation consists of three levels

1, the core of Landray Knowledge portal EKP is Enterprise Knowledge Management (KM) system and other information systems. KM system provides EKP basic services, including enterprise knowledge resource management, knowledge management process realization (knowledge identification, collection, organization, sharing, propulsion, application and innovation dynamic process), Knowledge management strategic environment (Strategic planning, organization, culture and evaluation, etc.). KM systems need to use EAI and knowledge discovery to share data with other IT systems, and realize application and data integration.

The basic services of the Knowledge portal include:

Experience Knowledge Management: Work Summary, knowledge document

Transaction Collaboration Management: Normative system, approval process, official document circulation, individual workbench

Organizational Culture management: online survey, Business forum

Information Publishing Management: Home management, news systems, e-mail

System Maintenance Management: System Configuration Library, reminders system, login configuration library, network domain search, Help system

Optional extension modules: Personnel files management, ISO document control management, contract management, book management, technical support

Expanded Portal: Using the portal and Landray extension portal from the IBM platform, you can easily extend enterprise applications, including MS Exchange server integration, Lotus Collaboration component integration and real-time quick customization of common materials such as stocks, weather forecasts, and flight information.

2, the foundation of Landray Knowledge Portal EKP is the technical platform of EKP middleware. EKP and EIP technology platform is the same, is the portal system middleware. Built on the IBM WebSphere Portal Server product, the Landray EKP system provides a one-stop component of Application Server middleware, personalized servers, directory management, security management, data integration, and development tools necessary to build an enterprise-class portal system.

3. The application of Knowledge portal EKP is the integration of knowledge management system based on portal platform, including knowledge representation (unified entrance and customization), System management (account unification and once login SSO), knowledge integration and sharing, collaborative process integration.

The methods and steps to implement the Knowledge portal are

1, the establishment of the Portal system framework System

2, interface integration and personalized customization

3, the integration of system management

4. Data integration and knowledge performance

5. Work Flow Integration

The software products used

IBM WebSphere Portal Server

IBM Lotus Domino R6

Classic case

Xiamen Airlines

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