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Today Liu Guobin with learning the navigation bar control, Uinavigationcontroller,uitabbarcontroller, the two controls have a similar place, Uinavigationcontroller can be translated as a navigation controller, Often used in iOS. Uinavigationcontroller is a container for the view controller in iOS programming, and with the stack management viewcontrollers, each push operation adds a view controller to the top of the stack. The top controller of the stack is then removed via pop.
We do it in the project, usually in the controller.
[Self.navigationcontroller Popviewcontrolleranimated:no]; To remove the top controller from the stack.
Suppose there are now subclass objects of Uiviewcontroller, A, B, C, D.
Set the A controller as the root controller
Uinavigationcontroller *myfirstctrl =
[[Uinavigationcontroller alloc] Initwithrootviewcontroller:myfirstctrl];
Self.window.rootViewController = M_firstctrl;
In a controller, the push B controller
[Self.navigationcontroller pushviewcontroller:b Animated:no];
In the B controller, the push C controller
[Self.navigationcontroller pushviewcontroller:b Animated:no];
In the C controller, the push D controller
[Self.navigationcontroller pushviewcontroller:b Animated:no];
At this time the stack of a controller, there are four elements, we believe that in B, C, d do not have a pop operation, at this time, in a controller, the implementation of [Self.navigationcontroller Popviewcontrolleranimated:no]; is to remove the D controller from the stack, rather than removing the a controller itself. Similarly, when executing again, the C controller is removed.
Before, I thought to remove oneself, today with colleague discussion, wrote a demo to verify a bit, only then knew the truth. So, write to share with you, maybe we already know, smell the word has successively, although I may know the late point, but I am still very happy to share out, to not know the friend

-(void) Touchesbegan: (Nsset<uitouch *> *) touches withevent: (Uievent *) Event {

Create a View Controller

Rootviewcontroller *vc0 = [Rootviewcontroller new];

Create a navigation controller and set the root view of the navigation controller (bottom view)

Uinavigationcontroller *navcontroller = [[Uinavigationcontroller alloc] initwithrootviewcontroller:vc0];

Because the current view is not managed by navigation, you cannot use the push method to jump, only use the present method to jump

[Self Presentviewcontroller:navcontroller animated:yes completion:nil];

Self.navigationcontroller Property

If the current view controller is already managed by the navigation controller, this property has a role

This property is not used if the current view controller is not managed by the navigation controller (value nil)

[Self.navigationcontroller Pushviewcontroller:navcontroller Animated:yes];


Lan Yi Ios/uinavigationcontroller

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