Language dispute between Java and PHP who is more powerful

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The controversy between the various programming languages has never stopped, for the use of these languages on the market, if the people who have not had the basics of programming may not understand, but I believe you must know the existence of C language, he is an ancient existence, 1972 at Bell Labs was invented, until now, is absolutely a classic existence. Then you must have heard that Java is object-oriented. In fact, so many programming languages are only software developers can give you a satisfactory answer. There are also a lot of people who want to ask, including when I first started to learn programming, in this programming world, which language dominates? Which programming language should a beginner learn? Just as we play games, we always want to choose the most powerful character. Actually, don't you think that's what human beings are? Today we will mainly talk about the author familiar with Java and PHP

Since the advent of C language, so many years, but also appeared a lot of other programming languages, in the continuous update iteration, also become more and more perfect, for the software industry to make a lot of contributions. This is actually somewhat similar to the evolution of our text, from ancient Oracle to ancient classical Chinese to the simplified text we use today. Our language has become more and more simple. This truth in programming language is also the same, adapt to the development of the Times is a long-term way. In fact, from the development history of these two languages, we can see that they are integrated into other excellent programming language features, and then on the basis of the improvement to make it more convenient to use. But as people do not explore ahead, and the need to change and develop the type of software in front of million. These languages are constantly being updated to meet the needs of businesses and software developers, such as the Java of Sun (which is now being acquired by Oriale) as a language of object-oriented, distributed, secure, system-independent, high-performance, while PHP is imperative, object-oriented, More free. They have different development direction, but also have their own good at the same direction, in this software type of complex times, sometimes they will be used in conjunction with each other.

For beginners to choose which language to study, in my opinion the answer to this question is nothing more than two, one is to choose a simple language to learn. The second is to choose a difficult language to learn. They all have their own advantages, the choice of simple language learning can be easier to get started programming world, can be more rapid development of the program, which is the characteristics of PHP. However, the choice of a difficult language to learn, easy to quit, you will encounter a lot of problems you do not understand, and then give up. Java is such a language, and it is similar to the C language, and the integration of object-oriented features, so that beginners to learn to program a person to study object-oriented programming. The choice of these two options can actually make their own choice, after their own attempts, everyone will come up with the right answer.

There are many kinds of software classification, such as service-oriented application software and security-based application software. The software developed by different programming languages also has different advantages and disadvantages. The Java language, for example, is often used to develop a service-side program because it is more secure. So on the desktop system, Java is very few, this is because the Java platform running a lot of overhead, ordinary users are generally not installed. PHP is not the same as Java, PHP is a weak type of scripting language, its development efficiency is much higher than Java, so some small and medium-sized enterprises will choose PHP Server program preferred language. While Java is a distributed language, PHP is imperative language, we must according to their characteristics, to carry out software development is very important.

Finally, let us summarize, in fact, the programming language does not have a strong point, only the most suitable language to develop the software we want is the most important, we look forward to using these languages to create more services to our software.

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Language dispute between Java and PHP who is more powerful

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