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Rt, I always don't understand Why python is better than php if I only talk about web... Is it because of concise syntax? Development efficiency? Frameworks and libraries? Or something like that? Rt, I always don't understand Why python is better than php if I only talk about web...

Is it because of concise syntax? Development efficiency? Frameworks and libraries?

Or something like that?

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Rt, I always don't understand Why python is better than php if I only talk about web...

Is it because of concise syntax? Development efficiency? Frameworks and libraries?

Or something like that?

Otherwise, you should read it again.

I have been in touchPHPAndPythonTo express your opinion (don't like it, don't spray it. If there is an error, please correct it ).
Both of them are the most common languages in Web development. Both developers and students have a high degree of popularity. In the TOBIE ranking, their rankings are not much different. At the same time, both of them have active communities for support, and many third-party libraries (PHP has pear and python has pep.
For PHP, it is easy to get started, difficult to master, and the learning curve is relatively fast and slow; because it is easy to get started, phper also forms a product prototype quickly for later iteration; after studying the wp source code, you may find a php development job outside. The salary is related to your ability. As mentioned above, tianchao has no shortage of php developers. In mass development, the average salary of phper is lower than that of pyer (this TZ can look for foreign research ).
For py, it is more difficult to get started than php, and more difficult to be proficient. The learning curve is more suitable for the slow-hot type. However, after getting started, you can quickly develop a product prototype, development efficiency and iteration efficiency will be slightly higher than php; py is widely used in machine learning, natural science, and other fields, and even can be used for desktop application development, with a large number of powerful module support, this greatly reduces the development time.

I have seen this article in my previous article: php is used to find a job, py is used to make money, and ruby is used to improve the self-improvement.

There is no good or bad development language. It is good to use it easily ~
Nowadays, the emergence of various new languages means how advanced and easy to use compared with other languages ~
However, many people actually use it ~
So, what suits you is the best ~


A typical example is to draw a conclusion first, and then reverse the cause.

PHP is a well-established web scripting language, which is more mature than the other two. Although PHP is quickly formed, it is easy to get out of control, especially when the project is a little large.

For Python, due to its simple design, there may be more application aspects, and almost all IT aspects can be involved. Web is just one of them, in addition, there are relatively successful killer applications. Youtube is developed using Python, and various scripts on the server that used to use shell or perl, scientific computing, and games, even on the Desktop client, you can see the Python masterpiece, such as UliPad. For Beginners, Python is a good choice. Among the three, its syntax is the most concise and clear, suitable for beginners.

There is no good or bad programming language, just like comparing Chinese with English, it is difficult to distinguish between high and low. You should understand the features of the two languages and use the appropriate language on different occasions. For example, if you want to make a small blog by yourself, PHP will be more suitable. To develop a large application, use python. PHP can also be used for large-scale applications, but it is better to use python in this case.

Are you sure you are not a newbie?

Are you sure you are not here to pick something?

Take the framework, community, and developers to find onephpCan be killedpython=

It's justphpUgly.

You can change this questionWhich language is the best if you just talk about web?.

Come on!

Of course, Rails is the first,
However, PHP abuse Python.

Python is designed in a single language and has historical issues. Not to mention PHP. Poor design certainly does not affect its work.

In Web development, the trade-off between efficiency and performance is roughly considered. The Ruby community is more creative. The advanced web development concepts and models come from the ruby community.

Tianchao never lacks a job in PHP. Python is becoming increasingly powerful in O & M management, data mining, and machine learning.

Finally, I don't think there is anything wrong with talking about good or bad languages. Of course, I will not try to persuade others to accept my opinion.

Php is the best language in the world. The world is made up of JavaScript and has python.

The Third World War kicked off again ~!

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