Lao Tzu's path to software-Article 8 if the platform is under water

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Abstract: Software philosophy, software path, silver bullet, Wolf, software architecture, see: top ten proposition programming rules for eliminating wolf in sequence


SAGE:Good deeds. Water is good for all things and does not dispute, where all people are evil, so there are only a few ways. Good land, good heart and good benevolence, good words and good faith, good governance, good deeds, good deeds. Fu Wei does not dispute, so he is not special.


The sage likes water, because the water is similar to the Tao.

In software systems, Enterprise Architecture platforms and application software tooling (such as middleware and databases) are similar to water.Track, Belongs to the softwareChannelsIt supports, nourishes, and manages various applications. It undertakes the trivial, humble, and complicated "dirty and tiring" and provides all the basic functions required by the application, handling and isolating all external changes. It is hard work and selfless dedication, that is, it does not intervene in the specific application, and does not compete with it, so there is no negligence, and it will not create chaos.

Note: The EAA platform is critical to the software. Therefore, the saints describe it in multiple places and from different perspectives, so that you can understand it correctly and grasp it. It will be discussed in many subsequent chapters.


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