Laravel5 student score management system development notes

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Laravel5 student achievement management system development notes the following notes are based on this blog for development and learning

1. Clone a project from github to a local device

  git clone

2. switch to the local project directory and install composer.

MacdeMacBook-Pro-3:~ mac$ cd DesktopMacdeMacBook-Pro-3:StuGradeWithLaravel5 mac$ curl -sS | phpAll settings correct for using ComposerDownloading 1.0.1...Composer successfully installed to: /Users/mac/Desktop/StuGradeWithLaravel5/composer.pharUse it: php composer.phar

// You can add the preceding command to the bin directory so that you do not need to enter the previous command every time.

MacdeMacBook-Pro-3:StuGradeWithLaravel5 mac$ sudo mv composer.phar /usr/bin/composerMacdeMacBook-Pro-3:StuGradeWithLaravel5 mac$

// Update composer

MacdeMacBook-Pro-3:StuGradeWithLaravel5 mac$ composer update

This problem occurs during update ,-_-!!!

MacdeMacBook-Pro-3: StuGradeWithLaravel5 mac $ composer update

Loading composer repositories with package information

Updating dependencies (including require-dev)

Your requirements cocould not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

Problem 1

-Laravel/framework v5.0.9 requires ext-mcrypt *-> the requested PHP extension mcrypt is missing from your system.


It seems that the mcrypt extension is not enabled in php, but I did not enable the mbstring extension...
You can see if your php. ini contains this extension. remove the previous extension number and restart apache.


Install the PHP extension package mcrypt
Run brew install php-mcrypt on maxos.

Run "sudo cp/etc/php. ini. default/etc/php. ini" to configure various php functions through PHP. ini.

Use the following two items to adjust the maximum value of the submitted PHP file, for example, the maximum value of imported data in phpMyAdmin.

Upload_max_filesize = 2 M

Post_max_size = 8 M

For example, display_errors is used to control whether the PHP program reports errors.

Display_errors = Off

Run "sudo apachectl restart" and restart Apache so that PHP can be used.


Vim/etc/php. ini

Append a sentence at the end of the file

Extension = mcrypt. so

The last two successful code segments are as follows:

MacdeMacBook-Pro-3: apache2 mac $ brew install mcrypt

MacdeMacBook-Pro-3: apache2 mac $ export PATH =/usr/local/php5/bin: $ PATH

Desktop Access:

MacdeMacBook-Pro-3 :~ Mac $ cd Desktop/StuGrade

MacdeMacBook-Pro-3: StuGrade mac $

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