Laravel5.2 backend development instance -- automatically generate breadcrumb and menu bar based on permissions-php Tutorial

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Laravel5.2 backend development instance -- automatically generates breadcrumb and menu bar based on permissions

Based on Laravel 5.2, zizaco/entrust permission management, and out-of-the-box background templates, breadcrumb and menu bar are generated based on permissions, and laravel-debugbar is integrated with easy-to-use debugging tools, with the Log parsing View module.

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  • Git clone to local
  • Execute composer install
  • Configuration. EnvDatabase Connection information. if No. env exists, Copy. env. example and name it. env.
  • Execute php artisan db: seed
  • Execute php artisan serve
  • Type 'localhost: 8000/admin'
  • Default background account: password: admin
  • Add top-level permissions to permission management in user management. For example, user management, 'admin. user 'only has two left-side menu bars, and the list page is 'admin. XXXX. index'. if you have any questions, you can refer to the routing and source code, or QQ, I, 176608671, or leave a message to learn and make progress together.

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