Large Internet cafes how to choose gigabit and gigabit switches?

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Internet cafes need to switch and personal use of the switch is different, internet cafes on the requirements of the switch is very high, because the online network environment requirements are very high. Now internet cafes more and more network equipment, so many Internet cafes will choose to buy gigabit or million-gigabit switch. In the implementation process, the user how to choose a more suitable for their own network of gigabit or gigabit switch products, the following discussion of the Internet cafes to buy switch considerations.

1, network management type switch

Internet cafes equipment in the speed of the development trend is more and more fast, now gigabit network card is also in the gradual warming stage. Accordingly, in the LAN planning, as far as possible to require access layer equipment support hundred trillion, the aggregation layer to support the gigabit, the core layer to choose million, so that will not be artificially set up in the network blocking.

2, port mirroring of the switch

Regular Internet cafes need to accept the remote control of the Internet Bar Supervision Department, then how do they supervise it? This is the Port mirroring feature on the device. According to the author's knowledge, some savvy Internet cafes owners will adopt two systems, one end to the regulatory department, the other end connected to different broadband lines and switches to avoid being supervised.

3, the choice of function

Switches with management capabilities include VLAN partitioning and port bandwidth throttling, QoS, port security, broadcast storm suppression, and more. General Internet cafes will adopt a management function switch, and then connect several units without management function of the Fool machine, so as to effectively control costs, but also to achieve the effect of management.

in the purchase of gigabit or million gigabit switch in addition to the purchase of switches in addition to the heat dissipation, data processing capacity considerations, but also from a variety of functional considerations, the above points need to be considered, I hope to help you, after all, gigabit or million is not so cheap. In addition, Fengrunda technology is a professional switch manufacturer, there is a need for gigabit or million gigabit switch, the choice is relatively large, you can pay attention to.

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Large Internet cafes how to choose gigabit and gigabit switches?

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