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To put it bluntly, multiple Web servers are used to simultaneously process a large number of HTTP requests! The more machines, the more powerful the machine is !!!

In many existing network applications, sometimes a server cannot meet the requirements of the client. In this case, you can only add servers to solve the problem.
Is there a way or technology to solve this problem? Use the network load balancing cluster in Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 (This article describes how to implement the Network Load Balancing Technology in Windows Server 2003 ).

I. Advantages of network load balancing
1. network load balancing allows you to spread incoming requests to up to 32 servers, that is, you can use up to 32 servers to share external network request services. Network Load Balancing Technology ensures that they can respond quickly even when the load is heavy.
2. Only one IP address (or domain name) must be provided for external network load balancing ).
3. If one or more servers in the network load balancing are unavailable, the service will not be interrupted. When the network load balancing automatically detects that the server is unavailable, it can quickly re-assign the Client Communication to the remaining servers. This protection can help you provide uninterrupted services for key business programs. You can increase the number of Server Load balancer instances based on the increase in network traffic.
4. network load balancing can be achieved on normal computers.
Ii. Process Planning
Environment Structure
Two servers, with a system of 2003, are all single NICs. Some say dual NICs are required. When dual NICs are available, they are only for remote management convenience. The relationship between NLB and NLB is not great, it is necessary for failover.
Cluster virtual IP Address:
1. First, we need to set the name and IP address of the server first. This is the premise and will not be available here.
2. Open web1, log on as an administrator, Run "network load balancing manager" from "Administrative Tools", right-click "network load balancing cluster"
3. Select "new cluster" from the menu to go to the "Cluster Parameters" page. After the settings are complete, proceed to the next step.
4. You can add it based on your own situation, and then click Next.
5. Check the explanation of the port rule, add and edit the rule as needed, and then proceed to the next step.
6. This is a single Nic. If it is multiple NICs, all of them will be displayed. Be sure to select the IP address of the service provided by the other party. It doesn't matter if you choose one here!
7. Set the priority of the first Server
8. The configuration is in progress. It will become green in a short time!
9. At this point, the first server has been configured, and the following is the addition of the second server. The method is the same. It is not here, and the final server is in the aggregation state.
In the future, if the two servers cannot meet the requirements, you can add 3rd computers and 4th computers to the network load balancing according to the above steps to meet the requirements.
Iii. Use the IIS service to verify network load balancing
After the network load balancing is configured, you need to install the corresponding services on the computer with the network load balancing to implement a specific service. For example, to achieve Load Balancing for IIS websites, you need to install the IIS service on the computer with the corresponding network load balancing.
When installing network load balancing applications, you only need to install the corresponding services on the computer that has configured network load balancing. However, to ensure that each user can access consistent data when accessing different computers through network load balancing, data consistency must be maintained on each computer of network load balancing. For example, the IIS network load balance between the two nodes is realized. To ensure the consistency of the content of the two websites, in addition to the same configuration of the two IIS servers, the corresponding website data must be consistent.
1. In "Add/delete programs", click "add Windows Components" to enter the Windows component wizard. Double-click "Application Server" to go to "Application Server" and select ASP. net, Internet information service and application network COM + ACCESS, you can start to install IIS service.
2. After installation, go to the Inetpub \ wwwroot directory of web1, create a text file, and enter the following content: This is web1 contains default.htm
3. Enter the Inetpub \ wwwroot directory of web2, create a text file, and enter the following content:

This is web2 defaults to default.htm
4. If it is an external IIS, the content should be the same. Here we write different content to achieve obvious results. If it is to reach 2, the content of the server website is the same, you can use DFS for automatic replication!
5. We started the test and used an XP Server for access,
When the server is normal, the service is web1, because it has the highest priority.
When the Web is faulty
4. This test is now complete!
In addition: no exception occurred during the first dual Nic test, but a fault occurred during the second single Nic test.
The error string found in the registry is related to the NIC information. The corresponding key is netcfginstanceid. The host interface added to the NLB node must have different netcfginstanceids.
After testing, newsid does not modify this value. Therefore, although the SID of the two virtual machines is different, the same netmask instanceid causes an error when the second node joins the NLB cluster.
You can modify the netdeskinstanceid in either of the following ways:
1. After newsid is used, uninstall the NIC in the Device Manager, scan and detect hardware changes, and reconfigure the network;
2. directly use sysprep.
Other information: Registry Key of netmask instanceid
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ class \
{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} \ 0001 \ netw.instanceid
The "network adapter" item is enclosed in braces, and each system may be different. There are several sub-items below, and you need to find the corresponding local connection, for example, the above is 0001. the simple method is to first look at the network card name, such as VMware accelerated amd pcnet adapter, and then right-click on the class to find the Network Card Name.

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