Laser printer fault and its solution

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One, laser printer appears white track line

Most likely, there is no toner. The toner cartridge out, slightly sway around, and then put into the printer, such as the printing effect is obviously improved, the toner cartridge is not much of the toner, if the confirmation of sufficient toner also appears Lu Bai trajectory, the problem is serious, need to replace the toner cartridge.

Second, the laser printer printing paper surface toner Stains

Wipe the paper path in the printer with a dry and clean soft cloth to remove the remaining toner from the paper; print a three-page file with only one word per page to clean the parts within the printer; Select high-quality Paper; If there are problems, you may need to replace the toner cartridge or toner cartridge.

Third, the laser printer print garbled

Printer self-test To determine if there is a hardware failure in the printer itself; Check the printer's cables and connections (in DOS command state, enter a directory with less than a few files, type "DIRPRN" and enter); Print a test page under window to determine if the printer driver is properly installed ; Check to see if there is a problem with the application itself.

Iv. lost content in continuous printing of laser printer

The front page of the file can be printed normally, but the following page will lose content or the text appears black or even full black or white, while paging printing is normal. This is because the page description of the file is relatively complex, resulting in a shortage of printer memory. Can reduce the resolution of the printer A grade to implement printing, the best way to solve the computer tips is of course to add the printer's memory.

Laser printer can not print after replacing the motherboard or PC

It is possible that the port type is not set up and needs to be converted between the standard print ports and the ECP print ports. You can make changes in the BIOS settings, or in the control Panel → system → device management → ports → printer ports → properties → drivers → change drivers → show all devices, and so on, in the swap the ECP print port and printer port.

The above one to repair the laser printer encountered in the more common printer problems, I hope that the use of laser printers in the future when a similar situation can have timely solutions to these failures.

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