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Late at night, the rain outside is still lingering. I wrote this last class log under the orange light. I don't know how to start to like rain and believe in the rain. Maybe it is because people are afraid that the weather is too hot to mess up their minds. Maybe it is because of the fresh air and bright sunshine after the rain; maybe it is because you miss the rainbow that has never been seen for a long time. Enjoy the refreshing morning breeze and bright sunshine after the rain. In short, things that have been baptized by the rain are so fresh, even if it is a red rain, it will give a beautiful.

High school is also a baptism of our lives. High school, we indulge in it; high school, we are vigorous; high school, we have worked hard. Even if the final fruit is bitter, the seeds we sow work hard to sprout and Bloom. We say we are fearless, and we say we have no regrets.

In the three years of high school, we may have experienced setbacks, frustrations, and confusions. However, our footsteps are still stubborn, persistent, and silly. Some people say that we have grown up, but the teacher still looks naughty. The face has some vicissitudes of life, but it is still childish. We will still be stabbed by an irrelevant word; we will continue to be passionate about the encouragement of others; we will continue to compete for the problem of "chicken, eggs, and chickens; we will still wish the people around us a happy holiday on the 6th day. We are still children. We don't want to grow up. (At least me)

In our life, we want to use a rose with thorns. When we pick a rose, our hair will be messy and our faces will be muddy. But we don't care about this. We wiped the sweat from our faces with our arm, held a rose, and smiled and said, "The flowers are fragrant ". In fact, the hands scratched by the thorn are more fragrant than the flowers.

Our seasonal rainy season will never fade, because there are too many people and things to embellish it. Lively and lovely English teacher, gentle and elegant Chinese teacher, Dizzy (Actually, it's wise to be stupid-An noteAnd our meticulous and diligent teacher. The scenes we bring together are all played back in our minds like movies. Sometimes they make people laugh at themselves, and sometimes they make people burst into tears. I want to write down all these things, but I don't know how to express them. However, such a picture often emerges. There is a flourishing big tree on the job, and a piece of grass is shaking leisurely under the tree, watching the white clouds see the blue sky, watching the sunset slowly climb down the hill, look at the stars in the clear skies at night, and see the fantastic rainbow after the storm. The teacher is the big tree, and we are the grass. There are many stories in it.

After the baptism of high school, we wanted cherries with raindrops. Walk through the cloud to see how the green leaves and the sun are hidden after the rain. When the world is so big, it is a miracle that people can meet each other. Even if they pass by, it is a fate! Even if we don't know each other, we should at least know each other. Cherish 1.1 drops in your life and be a simple and Happy bird.

The rain stops, and the sky is fine. The willows dance in the breeze, and the birds twines in the branches. We couldn't bear to say goodbye, but clearly conveyed with a smile, "Good, good ......"

Hello ------ see you in old places!


The future is still long

Be sure to be strong

If the problem persists

Think about our old place

Even if the storm goes crazy

Even if the wings are broken

I want to fly

Because old places are in your heart

Author: Liu Ke

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