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Recently, after studying the limit pages of extremecomponents, I found that only the next page does not have the last page.

After careful research on the API of extremecomponents, we found that most of the tutorials provided on the network cannot be used directly. In some of the most critical but difficult to find, we will give you a small bug, in fact, let's take a closer look. People who do extremecomponents are not stupid enough to do paging, so they can get a small bug where paging is the most used. So think about it.

Make a record here.

In fact, it is very simple. If you do not have the last page, simply do it.

The view layer is the same. Here is only an example to illustrate the following action layer (the connenter layer in spring ).

<F: View>
<F: loadbundle Var = "text" basename = "# {departmentlist. bundlename}"/>
<H: Form ID = "editdepartment">
<EC: Table
Items = "departmentlist. attributes"
Action = "$ {pagecontext. Request. contextpath}/HR/departments.html"
ImagePath = "$ {pagecontext. Request. contextpath}/images/table/*. GIF"
Title = "$ {text ['userlist. title']}"
Rowsdisplayed = "10"
Form = "editdepartment" Var = "department"
Retrieverowscallback = "Limit"
Filterrowscallback = "Limit"
Sortrowscallback = "Limit"
View = "Limit"
Autoscaling deparameters = "false">
<EC: Row highlightrow = "true">
<EC: Column Title = "$ {text ['department. name']}" property = "name"/>
</EC: Row>
</EC: Table>
</H: Form>
</F: View>

In most of the Code provided on the network, this is an important parameter to be set in the action.

Getrequest (). setattribute ("totalrows", new INTEGER (page. gettotalnumberofelements ()));


Getrequest (). setattribute ("Departmentlist. Attributes _ "+"Totalrows", new INTEGER (page. gettotalnumberofelements ()));

In this way, your extremecomponents has the last page. How is it? Simple? Haha...
In fact, the network replication rate in China is still quite high, and we do not know whether the search engine is convenient for us, or whether it makes it easier for us to find the redundant conclusions in the network ;(

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