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At last, I realized that people should be responsible for their own behaviors and choices.

I finished my driver's license in March 26. It's my 28-year-old birthday present.

In the next step, I want to take a rest after learning it.

I bought a new book "moji" from Zeng zimo the day before yesterday and read it all night long. I remember that she was the host of Phoenix TV, and she was pretty. Later I learned that she had worked at the Morgan Stanley Investment Bank and achieved remarkable results. Her experience gave me a strong interest in her, perhaps more envy. I usually buy professional technical books and seldom spend money on this type of personal biography and leisure books. This time I decided to read her well. Zeng zimo was outstanding when he was a child. His High School TOEFL score was No. 1 in Beijing by 660. After one year of university study abroad, he went to Japan to study abroad. His undergraduate degree would be able to go to Merrill Lynch International for an internship and then go to Morgan investment bank, I resigned to Phoenix TV when I felt I had a different experience in my life. The text in the book is humorous and deep. It must have been hard work to achieve such a result. We often only see her current scenery, and ignore her efforts. The old saying goes, before success, after hard work.



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