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Rain is also mimizaza the weather, this morning small weave with sleepy work, turn on the computer to see Baidu wallpaper software automatically for me to replace a Ali wallpaper, cool summer amorous feelings let small make up suddenly feel heart, work up feel more energetic. To this end, today to introduce you to the small series to bring a good mood Baidu wallpaper, I believe we will like.

Figure 1 Wallpaper to bring a good mood for small knitting

Baidu Wallpaper relies on Baidu advanced image search technology, select the sea volume HD wallpaper as a user selection, to create a cool and useful wallpaper software. Although the launch time is not long, but after two months of continuous testing and optimization, now wings gradually abundant.

Basic Functional Articles

1, a large amount of resources and detailed classification to find a map without effort

Baidu Wallpaper from the picture library, "Baidu Pictures" in the selection of high definition pictures, and carry out very meticulous classification and level two classification, users can have everything in the picture of the sea, very convenient to find the desired wallpaper.

Figure 2 Wallpaper in detail

2, the wonderful recommendation lets you discover own latent demand

Sometimes unexplained irritability, weekdays favorite things also become uninteresting, a friend of a word, or a picture of the sunset on the sea, may let you suddenly, oh, originally is want a trip. In the same way, whether when the wallpaper presents you with a milkshake, a flower, or something heavy, you're bored, and the wonderful recommendation will remind you that what you need may be a relationship.

Figure 3 Highlights of the recommended content

3, wallpaper automatically replace the fresh not closed

Open wallpaper automatically replace it! Rainy days to give you the sun, lonely when you smile, let happy to inadvertently, of course, you may be proud when you pour some cold water.

Figure 4 Auto-change wallpaper setup 1

Figure 5 Auto-change wallpaper setup 2

4, like the wallpaper collection

Figure 6 Wallpaper Collection

Featured Functional Articles

1. Excellent recommendation module

Wonderful recommendations let users know the latest and most popular wallpaper content, and broaden the user vision.

2, the Mail convenient menu one key change wallpaper

Right-key shortcut menu One-click Change wallpaper Support to replace the new wallpaper and retrieve the previous wallpaper, very intimate and practical.

Figure 71 Key Change Wallpaper

Summary and a little suggestion

Overall, Baidu wallpaper function has been more comprehensive, and very useful, but there are still some suggestions: 1, wallpaper category add some seasonal related content, such as Calendar wallpaper, season related wallpaper; 2, open user upload wallpaper function, so that users can share in Baidu wallpaper platform and the United States map.

I hope Baidu wallpaper in subsequent versions can have more innovation, to bring more surprises to users.

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