Latest dos boot drive (graphic version) V1.0 (floppy disk + CD + USB disk + hard disk + NTFS + Emergency utility)

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Latest dos boot drive (graphic version) V1.0 (floppy disk + CD + USB disk + hard disk + NTFS + Emergency utility)
Various dos boot disks (graphic version) V1.0

I. Preface:

DOS is a little difficult, mysterious, and far-fetched for people who have been familiar with computers since the Windows age. However, it cannot be a stumbling block to understanding dos. Learning some dos knowledge will make you have a better time in the computer world and be able to cope with tough issues. Although DOS is very old, it has not been retired. We have windows, but we still need dos!

2. Suggestions for "cainiao" friends to learn DoS:

In cainiao's view, the seemingly boring dos interface, a wide variety of DOS commands, and a large number of keyboard operations have brought a lot of troubles to everyone. What I want to explain is, gui graphical windows replaces the DOS on the command line interface. In the early stage of DoS learning, you can first master some common doscommands and simple and practical skills, then, you can decide whether to continue further learning based on your needs. I personally think that it is not wise to stick to a "dos principles manual" at the beginning, but gradually researching dos based on common problems may be a more easy way to understand it.

When you encounter problems in your learning, you must get used to thinking more. You can use the Google search engine if you do not understand it. Most common questions will be answered; it is not wise to ask "experts" right away regardless of the size of your questions. The answers you have come up with are far more memorable than the answers you have obtained from "experts, it is more conducive to your future study. Those who wish to become masters will never give up their chance to think independently.

The dos boot disk is currently the most commonly used dos tool. Some of the commands and tools will help you solve many problems. The purpose of this article is to give "cainiao" friends a personal experience and preliminary understanding of DOS through these dos boot disks. I am not a DOS guru (not a modest nnmm). Considering its versatility, compatibility, and convenience for everyone to learn, these boot disks I have made are not perfect works with all functions, I just want "cainiao" friends to learn about DOS through these boot disks, learn DOS, and use it as an opportunity to learn dos. At the same time, we also hope that more friends who are familiar with DOS will help the "cainiao". Everyone will learn and help each other and share the freedom and openness of Dos!


Iii. Common Ways To Boot Windows OS to pure DoS:

1. Win9x single system or multiple systems with a mix of Win9x and 2000, XP, and 2003:

①. Win9x Single System:

Press F8 before Win9x is started. A selection menu is displayed. Select 5th items command prompt only or 6th items safe mode command prompt only. Press enter, you can access the basic DOS environment (such as) that comes with Win9x ).

If you select 5th items, config will be loaded at startup. sys and autoexec. bat system configuration files and drivers and programs (if any). Press win and press enter to start Win98 ( in the Windows directory );
Select the first option to start only the most basic dos, do not load config. sys and autoexec. BAT and any drivers and programs, and enter win and press enter to start Win98.

② Win9x and win2000, XP, and 2003 systems:
After the instance is started, the following menu appears (take WIN98 and XP as an example ):

Select Microsoft Windows, press enter and immediately press a few F8 keys to display the same Startup menu as ① ()

When you select 5th items, the system configuration files config. sys and autoexec. BAT and their drivers and programs will be loaded at startup (if any );
Select 6th to start only the most basic DOS, and do not load config. sys and autoexec. BAT and any drivers and programs.

① And ② Methods start dos advantages: the system comes with DOS without additional installation. Disadvantage: it can only be used on the local machine without mobility. Once the operating system or hard disk fails, DOS may not be started.

③ Use a boot disk (floppy disk, disc, or USB flash disk) to boot to a pure DoS (the main content of this article ).

This method has the advantages of mobility and versatility. Dos can also be started when the operating system or hard disk fails. Disadvantages: extra hardware support for floppy disks, optical disks, and USB disks is required.

2. Pure 2 k/XP/2003 systems:

These systems do not have their own dos, And the DOS environment needs to be obtained through the boot disk (floppy disk, CD, U disk) or virtual soft drive (the main content of this article ).


4. Description of the boot disk in this article

1. the DOS version of the boot disk is dos7.1 attached to Windows 98.

2. When you start with a boot disk, the more functions are not loaded, the better. The more functions there are, the less basic memory is available, and the higher the chance of problems, select the corresponding menu based on your actual needs.

3. Some files in various dos boot disks described in this article:

Io. sys dos7.1 is one of the three basic system files.
The second of the three basic system files of msdos. sys dos7.1
Three basic system files of command. com dos7.1
Attrib. EXE dos7.1 File Attribute Modification tool.
Autoexec. Bat dos automatically executes batch file upon startup.
The system configuration file of config. sys dos.
Deltree. EXE built-in directory deletion and embedded file tools.
The system shutdown tool under D. com DOS is suitable for ATX power supply.
Drive of di1000dd. sys USB flash drive.
Doskey. com dos7.1 is a convenient command line tool.
Edit. com dos7.1 text editing tool.
Emm386.exe dos7.1 memory management tool.
Fdisk. EXE partition tool free fdisk 1.2.1, supports large hard disks larger than GB.
FDISK-98.EXE Win98's dos7.1 built-in partitioning tool, does not support more than 60 GB of hard disk.
FDISK-ME.exe winme comes with partitioning tools that support 60 GB hard disk.
Format. com. dos7.1 comes with the formatting tool.
Himem. sys dos7.1 memory driver.
Jmhdfix. EXE Jiangmin hard drive repair Wang, Hard Drive repair good stuff, more dangerous, novice with caution.
It is a tool for managing files and directories in DOS. It can operate on Chinese directories and files.
Mouse. com PS/2, serial interface mouse dos driver.
The optical drive management program of mscdex. EXE dos7.1.
General optical drive driver of oakcdrom. sys dos7.1.
PC. EXE pctools, a powerful multi-functional tool.
System restart tool in R. com dos.
Scandisk. EXE dos7.1's disk scan tool is used to fix some common disk problems.
The disk of smartdrv. EXE dos7.1 is buffered at high speed to speed up reading and writing of files in DOS.
SYS. com dos7.1.
Usbaspi. sys USB flash drive.
Xcopy. EXE dos7.1 file directory copy tool, which has more powerful functions than the Copy command.

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