Latest information about ZFS file systems under Linux platforms

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The ZFS file system under the Linux platform is categorized in two, one is ZFS implemented in user space, and one is ZFS implemented through kernel modules.

User-space-enabled ZFS has not been maintained for several years, and without stability, performance alone cannot be used, and related developers have given up.

The implementation of ZFS in the kernel space has been maintained, the United States has the relevant agencies in the internal use, according to the developers on the Zfsonlinux said, has been stable, can be used online, but the domestic use of few people. Perhaps the biggest problem is that the code for this project is still published based on CDDL due to the limitations of Solaris's own release agreements and patent disputes, so it does not get into the mainline kernel, so it is generally felt that it is not very trusting. Of course, there is also the open source killer Oracle to remember.

So is ZFS on the Linux platform going to work? I think you can try, after all, the source code is the same, you can think of just change the platform to recompile (of course, it is not so simple), a recommendation is that the root partition or with a normal file system, data partitioning with ZFS, the kernel version of ZFS, after all, ZFS has provided a lot of good features. Also note that the operating system kernel is not free to update.

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Latest information about ZFS file systems under Linux platforms

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