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P> as a popular web development language, php is easy to write and has powerful features.
It is widely used. However, at the same time, the application scope of the php language is limited to BBS, community,
A simple system, such as a voting station. This is because php lacks a machine for developing large application systems.
. Writing business logic Code directly on the page is convenient in the development stage, but the lack of results makes the entire system
The maintainability and scalability of the system become very poor. This is often the case when you need
When you can make a change, you will need to modify many related php programs.
Of course, if there is a good design that will make the situation better, you can use functions or classes
Logical encapsulation will change the situation. However, php has limited support for classes.
The encapsulation of attributes and methods is implemented, but some advanced object-oriented methods used in C ++/Java are not supported.
Hold. In general, the problems in php development are also the problems in the C/S structure.
Gradually evolved into the current three-layer structure or n-layer structure, introducing the concept of intermediate layer.
Currently, the popular J2EE technology is such a three-layer application development model.
Platform presentation layer. EJB is used as the intermediate business logic layer, and the database is the information layer. By applying the presentation layer and business logic
The isolation of layers enables the system to have good scalability, maintainability and scalability. Therefore, the J2EE technology is suitable
Development of enterprise-level application systems with varied requirements and complex functions. Php also needs such a structure,
So that php can be applied to a wider field.
Now, we can use the minij2ee Application Server for this purpose. Minij2ee
The application server is currently the only J2EE application server that supports php. Php uses minij2ee-based 3
The layer development mode can encapsulate the business logic in EJB, and use php to quickly customize the front-end interface.
Taking the online store application system as an example (, EJB Encapsulation
With core business logic such as cargo management, account management, and order processing, php is used to customize the shop interface,
Such as product display mode and counter style. Because the core business logic is encapsulated in EJB
The front-end interface of the store can be customized as needed without modifying the EJB program. In addition, because
With the flexibility and scalability of J2EE technology, even the expansion of business logic will become
It is as convenient as writing new ejbs and integrating them into the original system.
For small and medium-sized enterprise software systems with huge markets, what is needed is not a huge and expensive system.
System, but the need for adequate, practical, cost-effective software. Php + minij2ee and efficient and stable
Linux system and MySQL database, is a good solution to this problem.

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