Latest PS CS6 serial number is permanently free

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First, serial number

Unless it is from the official purchase, the serial numbers obtained from any other means (including those generated by the online registrar) are not authenticated by the Internet, and must be activated by using a hack patch or by modifying the Hosts file. Therefore, in addition to genuine, there is no so-called "permanent serial number."

Serial numbers are used in only two cases:

1, to enter the serial number of the way to install;

2, or the "trial version" of the way to install CS6, with the method to modify the hosts file to crack.

The serial number can also be generated using the registration machine in the attachment. However, due to piracy and other factors, the registrar will usually be security software (anti-virus software and assistant, Guardian, and so on) to report poison------Of course is false alarm, therefore, to the virus sensitive children's shoes, you can directly use the following serial numbers given.

Photoshop CS6 Permanent serial number, how to crack patch usage




Second, how to crack the use of patches

After the installation is complete, do not run the software, the patch Amtlib.dll overwrite the installation directory of the same name file, you will not be prompted to register, that is, the completion of the crack patch overlay path x:\Program files\adobe\adobe Photoshop CS6 x represents the installation drive letter (partition), which can be c:,d: and so on.


1, the patch has 32-bit and 64-bit difference, please use it truthfully.

2, when covered, the system will have the same name as the file prompt. When prompted, select OK, and if you are not prompted to overwrite, check that the path is correct.

Third, by modifying the Hosts file to crack the method

This method does not advocate, although the effect of the hack is the same, but the method of modifying the Hosts file is not the best. Because the modified Hosts file may be used in the use of 360 security guard, QQ computer Butler and other tools to check the system, as the "hosts domain name hijacking" emptied into the initial state, to the time, but also to re-modify. Therefore, it is recommended to use method Two, that is, the method of cracking patches.

The steps to modify the Hosts file are as follows:

1, before the installation, or in the "trial version" mode before starting CS6, please
Modify the Hosts file to mask the CS6 connection to Adobe's activation authentication server.

2, use Notepad to edit the "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\" directory
The Hosts file, copy the following code to paste at the top of the hosts document to save exit.

After you complete the modification, enter the serial number when you install CS6, or when you first start CS6.

Latest PS CS6 serial number is permanently free

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