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Currently, the latest Silverlight version is 2.0 Beta. Many tools are required for Silverlight development! So here we will give a detailed introduction, so that more friends can get started faster.

1. Test Visual Studio 2008
Brief description: used for program development, including the logic code of the program. Program architecture design and web development.

2. Expression blend 2.5
Brief description: it is used for Visual Design of XAML, including animation design and control design! Included in expression studio.

Iii. Expression Design
Official: Key = Design
Brief description: it is used for the design of Silverlight elements and the design of Bitmap loss images. It can be directly used everywhere for XAML.

Iv. Expression Media

Official: Key = Media
Brief description: it is used for video and audio processing!

V. Microsoft Silverlight SDK
Http:// B /4/a/b4a5b488-751b-430c-8ee3-4cc2e0959c54/silverlight_sdk.exe
Brief description: This upgrade package contains many items:
1. Silverlight 2 beta 1
2. Silverlight 2 SDK Beta 1
3. kb949325 for Visual Studio 2008
4. Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008
Added functions:
1. The template of silverlight2.0 is used to create a Silverlight project!
2. Supports visual XAML control creation and editing!
3. debug the Silverlight application!
4. Web Services references are supported!
5. Connect and use the expression blend tool!

Note: When installing a new silverlight2.0 version, uninstall the old Silverlight version to avoid version conflict!

6. Silverlight Player Local Quick View of functions


Brief description: supports quick opening of XAML and xap files! Supports scaling and other functions! Supports debugging of Silverlight JavaScript scripts and playback of Adobe Flash vedio (FLV) files. Added wpfhome. Com Information Platform and online update function.

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