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Recently changed a computer so also installed the latest VS2017 to taste, u3d is also used in the 2017 version, the results in the use of the process found some problems. There may be some problems in the old version will also appear, but did not find it, later encountered some related pits will be updated here, I hope to help. 1, I installed VS2017 but after you set it as the default script editor with u3d, you cannot automatically eject u3d default components and related APIs when you write code in VS2017.

Introduction: The White is written in the VS2017 inside the code, VS will not automatically pop-up u3d "things", such as time, Gameobject. That is, there is no type of highlighting, all are gray. Solution 1:

1 from u3d Choose a C # script to double-click directly to open (if VS2017 must be set as the default editor).

2 in VS2017 solution Manager to see if the project is compatible (the author of the situation is not compatible) the following figure, the 1 serial number of the project indicated by the original should be as 2 display is "(incompatible)", so our problem is how to solve the compatibility.

3 Right click on display as "(incompatible)" Item, will eject the following figure.

4 Select "Reload Project" will eject the following figure option

5 Here are 3 options,
The first one is the current project's. NET changed from 3.5 to 4.6.1.
The second is to maintain the current. NET version (my project is based on 3.5) and download the corresponding version
The third one is to cancel the load
A conservative approach to maintaining a corresponding current project. NET version first select the second, but the author tried to choose a second but no, ultimately can only choose the first and then solve the problem. This may vary from person to person. Look at the specific situation. It is not necessary to choose the first one if you choose the second one to be compatible correctly.

6) in the selection will be engineered. NET version from 3.5 to 4.6.1, you can see the project present and being compatible in the VS2017 solution panel.

results) can be automatically popped up. Happy to play in the latest VS2017 ....

January 30, 2018 Update:
Installing the. NET Framework 3.5 is a perfect solution. And the visual Studio 2017 installation package has a unity tools tool built into it. Installation can be supported by other related solutions:

Refer to 1:
Refer to 2:

Hope to help everyone, if there are any mistakes in the place also hope that we do not hesitate to correct. Thank you.

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