Lattice a key to restore the perfect realization of the ancient and modern computer shuttle

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In the world of the Internet, often in different places, see similar problems: accidentally a key restore, you can return? Many people know, based on the ghost principle of a key restore software can only be backed up once, after restoration, is no longer return, because you back up the previous state, not the current state. Today, I will give you experience the ancient computer shuttle, we use the software is checked a key restore.

First of all, we went to check a button to restore the official website, download the latest version of the software, installed to the computer above. Check the one-click Restore installation process, with one-click installation, no need to set more content, simple and fast. Installation complete, restart the computer, the software can be used.

Second, create a backup: Run the grid. One-click Restore, choose to create a backup, enter the Create backup interface, as shown in the following figure (1).

Figure (1)

(1) Create a backup

To distinguish the success of the restoration, we create a new file on the desktop "Ancient and modern", as shown in the following figure (2).

Figure (2)

(2) Create a new folder on the desktop

Select the backup disk to create, fill in the notes, as shown in figure (3) below, click Create, no need to restart the computer, 3 seconds, the software prompts the "Create Backup success!".

Figure (3)

(3) New backup

Third, restore backup: Run the software, choose to restore the backup, enter the recovery backup interface, as shown in the following figure (4).

Figure (4)

(4) Restore backup

In this interface, we can see all the restore points created by the computer, select the restore point to restore, here we choose the first restore Point (2011-8-15), click Next, go to the restore point details interface, as shown in the following figure (5).

Figure (5)

(5) Restore point details

Choose a good disk to restore, we have two options, click Restore, the software will prompt you for your data security, whether to back up the current data, as shown in the following figure (6). We choose to Backup, click OK, 5 seconds or so, the software will prompt you "restore success, restart effective!", click OK, reboot the computer. Restarting the computer is the same time as restarting the computer at ordinary times.

Figure (6)

(6) Before restoring, ask if you want to back up the current data

After the reboot, the computer restore has been successful, the desktop as shown in the following figure (7), the desktop does not have "ancient and modern shuttle. txt" folder.

Figure (7)

(7) Restore the desktop after the backup

I suddenly remembered that there was important data in the "Ancient and modern shuttle." I repeat the third step and select the restore point that was automatically created when you just restored it. After the reboot, the restore completes. The table below (8) shows, "Ancient and modern shuttle txt" We saw again, the data back.

Figure (8)

(8) Restore the desktop after a backup that was automatically created on restore

Ancient and modern shuttle so simple, lattice a key restore really pretty good oh.

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