Lattice of a key restore instantly let you out of the trouble of reloading system

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A variety of trojans, viruses, malware increasingly rampant, for us computer enthusiasts, the time to face the worry of the installation system. So do we just have to reload the system to solve the problem? The answer is No. A key to restore the wizard, computer enthusiasts, the most loyal friends, gently help you solve the problem, just a key can make your computer operating system instantaneous restore, yesterday reappear.

First of all, let's get to know something called "Plaid. One-click Restore Instant Backup Restore"

Grid One-click Restore is the first implementation of the system "second kill" level of backup and recovery software, is a fool-like system backup and restore tools, when the computer is damaged by the virus, as long as you press "check a key Restore", the computer can soon be restored to your set restore point state, the other software support easy to implement the system or file yesterday again , today, yesterday, the day before that, the software also uses the latest data map patented technology can create up to 1000 different backups. This eliminates the problem of reloading the system and provides us with great convenience.

So how do we operate the grid-one-click restore?

First of all, we need to download the check out a button to restore the installer. Run the grid. One-click Restore Installer, installation process one-click operation, quickly complete the installation. Installation complete, restart the computer, you can use. Check the first key also the original interface, as shown in the following figure (1).

Check out a key also the original interface

Second, create a backup: Open the main interface select "Create Backup" to enter the Create restore point interface. According to their own needs to choose the right to back up the disk, do a note, click Create, about 3 seconds, create a restore point is successful. We can go to the advanced function interface and see the restore point we just created.

Third, restore backup: When we have a system problem or need to restore the computer, open the grid a key to the original interface, into the grid a key restore "restore backup." We can see all the restore points created, select a restore point we need to restore, click Next, and go to the Restore Point details page. Confirm OK, we click the "Restore" button, the software will have the corresponding prompts, according to their own needs to choose better. If a system backup is not involved, it can be done without rebooting.

Four, turn on automatic create backup, give the data to wear "vest": if our data is important, to be afraid of forgetting to back up, that can turn on the automatic creation of backup, as required can be set daily/.

Automatically create a backup

Listen to our story, do you think the grid is a key to restore the system is very convenient? So hurry up and download a grid. One-click Restore is installed on your computer, and you are ready for your current system in the way we have described above. In the future, if your computer is infected by viruses and Trojans, it is attacked by a malicious program. Don't be afraid, system paralysis F11 a key to solve, in order to protect the data every day, you can turn on the grid a key to restore the automatic creation of backup function, let your data put on the "vest."

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