Layout design of Web pages (II.)

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Design | Web Page 3. Emphasis on words

(1) Emphasis at the beginning of the line
The first word or letter of the body is enlarged and decorated, and the beginning of the paragraph is embedded, which is called the "falling type" in the traditional media layout design. The invention of this technique was traced to the manuscript scribe of the medieval Europe. Because it has the function of attracting sight, decoration and active layout, it is applied to the text arrangement of the Web page. Its drop amplitude should span a full line of up and down. As to how much to enlarge, depends on the environment of the Web page.

(2) The emphasis of quotations
In the Web page text choreography, often encounter sketchy text, that is, quotations (also known as brows). A citation summarizes a paragraph, a chapter, or a full text, so it should be given special page placement and space to emphasize on the choreography. Citations can be arranged in a variety of ways, such as inserting a citation into the left, right, top, bottom, or center position of the body, and changing the font or font size to be different from the body.

(3) Emphasis on individual words
If the individual text as the focus of the page, it can be bold, box, underline, plus indicators, tilt font, and other means to consciously strengthen the visual effects of text, so that it in the overall page is outstanding and eye-catching. In addition, changing the color of some text can also make this part of the text be emphasized. These methods actually use the law of contrast.

4. Color of text
In web design, designers can choose a variety of colors for text, text links, visited links, and current active links. For example, if you use the FrontPage Editor, the default setting is this: the normal font color is black, the default link color is blue, after the mouse click and then become Purple red. Using different colors of text can make the part you want to emphasize more compelling, but it should be noted that the color of the text, only a small amount of use, if anything to emphasize, in fact, nothing is emphasized. Moreover, using too much color on a page can affect the viewer's reading of the page unless you have a special design purpose.

The use of color in addition to the emphasis on the whole text of the role of a special part of the entire copy of the emotional expression will also have an impact. This involves the color of the emotional symbolic issue, limited to space, here do not do in-depth discussion.

Another thing to note is the contrast of the color of the text, which includes the brightness of the contrast, the purity of contrast and warm and cold contrast. These are not only for the readability of the text, but more importantly, you can use the color to achieve the desired design effects, design feelings and design ideas.

(The above content extracts from Gu Qun industry and so on "webpage art design" a book, Shandong Fine Arts Press publishes. )

Figure 7: The beginning of a falling line emphasizes the role of attracting sight and active screen.
Figure 8: Flexible use of the color of the text according to the page tone, both in line with the overall atmosphere of the page, but also to ensure readability.

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