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A Web page, the overall layout is very important, thought it is like a shop decoration, to a certain extent, to extend the user's time on the site, but to do a good job of page layout, pay attention to the following points:

(1) The primary and secondary clear, prominent focus. On a page, it is necessary to consider the center of the visual, which is usually in the center or central part of the screen. Therefore, some important articles and pictures can be arranged in this part, in the visual center think of the place can arrange those slightly secondary content, so on the page highlighted the focus, to be different.

(2) illustrations. Text and pictures have complementary visual relationship, the page is too much text, it appears dull, lack of anger, too many pages, lack of text, such as reducing the page information capacity.

(3) Layout is the most appropriate way to the picture and text in different locations, so layout is also a creative problem, but compared with the overall site of the idea is easier, the following describes the layout of the steps.

1. Contour design. A new page can be seen as a piece of white paper, the designer can play the imagination as much as possible, do not need to pay attention to the delicate neat, and do not consider the details of the function, only need to sketch out the outline of the creative.

2. Layout design. On the basis of contour design, the need for various functional modules to the page, in the emission is to follow the principle of prominent focus, balance and coordination, the site logo, the main menu and other most important content in the most conspicuous, the most prominent position, and then consider the placement of the secondary module.

3. Detail design. Refine and materialize the rough layout.

The above is a branch self-help build station experience, pro-test effective Oh, so whether you understand, or the first collection, perhaps later can be used!

Layout to do this

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