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Ldap_success = 0 // success
Ldap_operations_error = 1 // operation Error
Ldap_protocol_error = 2 // Protocol Error
Ldap_time_limit_exceeded = 3 // exceeds the maximum time limit
Ldap_size_limit_exceeded = 4 // exceeds the maximum number of returned entries
Ldap_compare_false = 5 // The comparison does not match.
Ldap_compare_true = 6 // comparison matching
Ldap_auth_method_not_supported = 7 // The authentication method is not supported.
Ldap_strong_auth_required = 8 // strong authentication required
Ldap_partial_results = 9 // null
Ldap_referral = 10 // referral
Ldap_admin_limit_exceeded = 11 // The administrator privilege is exceeded.
Ldap_unavailable_critical_extension = 12 // The critical extension is invalid.
Ldap_confidentiality_required = 13 // confidentiality is required
Ldap_sasl_bind_in_progress = 14 // SASL binding required
Ldap_no_such_attribute = 16 // This attribute is not found
Ldap_undefined_attribute_type = 17 // undefined attribute type
Ldap_inappropriate_matching = 18 // inappropriate match
Ldap_constraint_violation = 19 // constraints conflict
Ldap_attribute_or_value_exists = 20 // the property or value already exists.
Ldap_invalid_attribute_syntax = 21 // invalid attribute syntax
Ldap_no_such_object = 32 // This object is not found
Ldap_alias_problem = 33 // the alias is incorrect.
Ldap_invalid_dn_syntax = 34 // invalid dn syntax
Ldap_is_leaf = 35 // null
Ldap_alias_dereferencing_problem = 36 // the alias dereference is incorrect.
Ldap_inappropriate_authentication = 48 // inappropriate Authentication
Ldap_invalid_credentials = 49 // invalid credential
Ldap_insufficient_access_rights = 50 // insufficient access permissions
Ldap_busy = 51 // busy
Ldap_unavailable = 52 // invalid
Ldap_unwilling_to_perform = 53 // unexpected problem
Ldap_loop_detect = 54 // an infinite loop is found.
Ldap_naming_violation = 64 // Name Conflict
Ldap_object_class_violation = 65 // object class conflict
Ldap_not_allowed_on_non_leaf = 66 // This operation cannot be performed on a non-leaf node.
Ldap_not_allowed_on_rdn = 67 // you cannot perform this operation on rdn.
Ldap_entry_already_exists = 68 // The entry already exists.
Ldap_object_class_mods_prohibited = 69 // The object class cannot be modified.
Ldap_affects_multiple_dsas = 71 // null
Ldap_other = 80 // others
Let's compare the hexadecimal format.
The following is the hexadecimal error code defined in winldap. h ,.
Typedef Enum

Unknown macro :{
Ldap_success = 0x00, // operation successful
Ldap_operations_error = 0x01, // an unspecified error occurs on the server that processes the LDAP request.
Ldap_protocol_error = 0x02, // The server receives a packet that is incorrectly formatted or has an error in sequence.
Ldap_timelimit_exceeded = 0x03, // The specified operation time limit is exceeded. This is different from the timeout error detected by the client when the server does not respond in a timely manner.
Ldap_sizelimit_exceeded = 0x04, // The number of items returned by the Search exceeds the management limit or request limit.
Ldap_compare_false = 0x05, // LDAP comparison function (such as ldap_compare () returns false
Ldap_compare_true = 0x06, // LDAP comparison function (such as ldap_compare () returns true
Ldap_auth_method_not_supported = 0x07, // The authentication method for requests (such as ldap_bind () in the BIND operation is not supported by the server. If you use a non-Microsoft LDAP client to communicate with the Active Directory, this situation may occur.
Ldap_strong_auth_required = 0x08, // The server requires a string authentication method instead of a simple password.
Ldap_referral_v2 = 0x09, // the search result contains the ldapv2 reference or a partial result set.
Ldap_partial_results = 0x09,
Ldap_referral = 0x0a, // The request operation must be processed by another server with an appropriate name for context backup
Ldap_admin_limit_exceeded = 0x0b, // The management limit is exceeded. For example, the search operation takes longer than the maximum time allowed by the server.
Ldap_unavailable_crit_extension = 0x0c, // The customer requests an LDAP extension and instructs the extension to be critical, but the server does not support expansion
Ldap_confidentiality_required = 0x0d, // The operation requires a certain level of encryption.
Ldap_sasl_bind_in_progress = 0x0e, // when a SASL binding (BIND) has been processed by the customer, request a bind operation
Ldap_no_such_attribute = 0x10, // The customer attempts to modify or delete an attribute of a non-existing item.
Ldap_undefined_type = 0x11, // undefined type
Ldap_inappropriate_matching = 0x12, // The matching rules provided are not suitable for search or are not suitable for attributes.
Ldap_constraint_violation = 0x13, // The customer requests an operation that violates the semantic constraints in the directory. One common reason is that it is inappropriate to change the pattern-for example, a duplicate OID (object identifier) is provided when a new class is added)
Ldap_attribute_or_value_exists = 0x14, // The customer attempts to add an existing property or value.
Ldap_invalid_syntax = 0x15, // The search filter syntax is invalid.


Ldap_no_such_object = 0x20, // The customer tries or deletes an item that does not exist in the directory.
Ldap_alias_problem = 0x21, // The server encountered an error when processing the alias
Ldap_invalid_dn_syntax = 0x22, // The format of the distinguished name specified in the request is invalid.
Ldap_is_leaf = 0x23, // The item specified in the function is a leaf item in the directory tree.
Ldap_alias_deref_problem = 0x24, // The server encounters an error when you release the alias reference. For example, a project does not exist.

Ldap_inappropriate_auth = 0x30, // The authentication level is insufficient for the operation.
Ldap_invalid_credentials = 0x31, // The certificate provided in the BIND request is invalid-for example, an invalid password
Ldap_insufficient_rights = 0x32, // you are not authorized to perform this operation.
Ldap_busy = 0x33, // the server is too busy to serve this request. Try again later
Ldap_unavailable = 0x34, // The Directory Service is not currently available. Try again later
Ldap_unwilling_to_perform = 0x35, // the server does not support this operation due to management policy constraints. For example, if the Mode Modification is not allowed or is not connected to the mode manager, try to modify the Mode
Ldap_loop_detect = 0x36, // when tracking the reference, the customer references the server that it has previously referenced
Ldap_sort_control_missing = 0x3c,
Ldap_offset_range_error = 0x3d,

Ldap_naming_violation = 0x40, // The User specifies the differentiated name of an incorrect object.
Ldap_object_class_violation = 0x41, // The operation violates the semantic rules defined in the class definition.
Ldap_not_allowed_on_nonleaf = 0x42, // The requested operation can only be executed on a leaf object (non-container ).
Ldap_not_allowed_on_rdn = 0x43, // you are not allowed to perform this operation on the name of a specific name.
Ldap_already_exists = 0x44, // The customer tries to add an existing object.
Ldap_no_object_class_mod = 0x45, // The customer tries to modify the class of an object by changing the objectclass attribute of an object.
Ldap_results_too_large = 0x46, // The result set of the search operation is too large and cannot be processed by the server
Ldap_affects_multiple_dsas = 0x47, // The requested operation affects multiple DSA instances. For example, if a subtree contains a lower-level reference that points to another naming context, deleting this subtree affects multiple DSA instances (Directory Server proxy)
Ldap_virtual_list_view_error = 0x4c,

Ldap_other = 0x50, // Some Other LDAP errors have occurred.
Ldap_server_down = 0x51, // the LDAP server is disabled.
Ldap_local_error = 0x52, // other unspecified errors have occurred to the client.
Ldap_encoding_error = 0x53, // an error occurs when an LDAP request is encoded as ASN.1.
Ldap_decoding_error = 0x54, // The ASN.1 encoded data received from the server is invalid.
Ldap_timeout = 0x55, // The server cannot respond to the customer within the specified time
Ldap_auth_unknown = 0x56, // an unknown authentication mechanism is specified in the BIND request.
Ldap_filter_error = 0x57, // some error occurs in the search filter.
Ldap_user_cancelled = 0x58, // The user canceled the operation.
Ldap_param_error = 0x59, // an error occurs for a parameter specified in the function. For example, if you want to pass a null pointer to an ldap api function, but the function does not want this, this error will occur in this case.
Ldap_no_memory = 0x5a, // The customer attempted to allocate the memory and failed
Ldap_connect_error = 0x5b, // The customer attempted to establish a TCP connection to the server and failed
Ldap_not_supported = 0x5c, // The requested operation is not supported by LDAP of this version.
Ldap_no_results_returned = 0x5e, // The slave server receives a response, but it does not contain the result
Ldap_control_not_found = 0x5d, // the data received from the server indicates that there is an LDAP control, but no LDAP control is found in the data.
Ldap_more_results_to_return = 0x5f, // The customer cannot search because there are too many results

Ldap_client_loop = 0x60, // when processing the reference, the customer detects a loop
Ldap_referral_limit_exceeded = 0x61 // The number of customer Tracking references exceeds the limit.


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