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Compared with Linux developers, Microsoft developers have the advantage that they can access msdn (Microsoft software development network). msdn is a magnificent developer's online resource. Linux has no comparable resources.

FSG is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting free and open software standards. Today it is announced that it is working with o'reilly media to work together for Linux applications.ProgramDevelopers provide services similar to msdn, which will be an integral part of the LSB (Linux Standard base) Developer Network.

LSB Developer Network (ldn) serves programmers who develop portable Linux applications in the form of central and community-based source of information. Its beta site is already open. The new ldn website provides the Linux content custom library through Safari Books Online. This online reference library is jointly invested by O 'Reilly and the Pearson Technology Group. With this library, linux developers can quickly write programs. The site also provides FSG-provided software tools, standards, forums, and content. Software developers can develop programs based on LSB specification by using the tools and information of the site, use FSG's certification and testing services to certify software, and allow their software to be released in multiple Linux version.

Specifically, ldn provides the following functions:

A social networking bookmarker. In this bookmarker, you can use the tag to obtain the existing del. IC. Io. Us bookmarks.CommunityShare knowledge with colleagues. This approach balances the existing bookmarking tools used by most development communities.

Resources used to transplant Linux applications, including how to construct tutorials for LSB applications and other information required by developers.

Software Development kits. With this kits, ISVs can construct and test their applications. This kits contains the interfaces tool that has been provided in the query standard.

The LSB roadmap tool used by software developers. With this tool, developers can clearly understand that their software should use compilers, libraries, and so on.

The certification service and application directory required by the LSB-certified application program, so that end users can easily find the portable Linux application and the certified release version.

Martin Streicher, editor of Linux magazine, will serve as the editor director of ldn. Ldn is also supported by IBM, HP, MySQL, Novell, Real Networks, and Red Hat Linux companies.

Ian Murdock, FSG Technical Director and Debian Linux founder, noted that "to make Linux a truly competitive platform, a central source of information must be provided to developers to build portable Linux applications ."

"Microsoft is doing well on the [msdn] issue. Our goal is to do the same thing for a community-based development model Linux Standard base that uses open source and Linux proof upside down." Murdock continued: "The main difference is that we are doing this in a community-based, inverted way. The free standards team provides a platform for collaboration on standards and interoperability. This will not be different. We are using support from IBM, HP, Novell, RedHat, and other Members to provide a platform for collaboration between developer tools ."

Murdock concluded: "cooperating with the developer's most controversial leader o'reilly is the first step in this project. We urge the community to join and help build networks ."

Some of these communities have already joined. Chris Cooper, Director of Service for Novell developers, said: "The support of application software developers is critical to the continued growth of the Linux market ." "Although more than 1000 applications have been identified by SuSE Linux enterprises, we still have the obligation to bring more software to our platform. The cooperation with the Linux Standard base developer network will provide another way for software developers who are working on writing a wide range of software releases that are constantly growing in the Linux market ."

There is no doubt that there is a real urgent demand for such services. Codeweavers Inc. "I think most Linux developers and advocates look at the Linux development process and market with a colored eye, at least for an independent software developer who wants to create desktop software for sale. It takes a lot of effort to create a desktop product for Linux ."

"What's worse, the market is already very fragmented," White added. Yes, Ubuntu, red hat, and Suse are crucial for independent software development. Yes, they are closely related, but they are not static. The sooner we face the reality, the better the status quo ."

"Supporters of the open community also need to take another step to make Linux a better and more competitive computer system," said Kathy Bennett, director of the IBM Linux technology center ."

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