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Web design, like other areas of the web, has undergone several changes in the 2014. Several new trends in web design are expected to emerge in 2015, and more innovative and interesting design concepts will emerge in the area of web design, especially the convergence of old and new trends. Let's take a look at the trends of Web design in the 2015.

The picture is still the focus of a picture better than the thousand words. Of course, you may have heard this phrase many times. However, this old adage remains faithful to this day. Imagery is also easier to convey information. So that's what you might see in 2015, images in web design will continue to remain important. Most websites will have large images on their home pages. However, the appropriate space needs to be on the image on the home page. Only in this way will they be effective and impressive.

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Typesetting will be more important do you know the font you use is so important? 2015 is expected to place more emphasis on typography in web design, which will help site owners use different types of fonts for their sites that are quite expensive. But over time, the price of these types of toolkits becomes reasonable. In fact, some font designers are even free to offer the cost out. As a result, more and more websites are using a variety of free fonts. As a result, designers will have to use fonts with greater flexibility.

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More dynamic background images and video backgrounds will not just be dull colors, nor is it simply a picture. A lot of websites are starting to use one go's animated images that attract viewers. Vibrant and beautiful images will now become the top priority. The image should be placed in the most conventional way. There are also many websites that use video as a backdrop to attract viewers ' attention. Whether it's a video or a bright background, it adds a few vibrant pages.

A case in which a large picture or video is used as a background in a Web page:

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Less that is more

In fact, the more white the web space, the better the performance of the site. This will help the website to be more elegant. So, most of the sites now embrace minimalist web design. Its goal will be simple: to convey more by less. As a result, the flat design was favoured in the 2014 and is expected to be prevalent until 2015.

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Responsive web design will be an imperative

The 2014 responsive web design has become a very popular term. A large number of sites have been transferred to this form of design. This trend is expected to continue to prevail in 2015. In the 2015, more and more people tended to use internet-friendly mobile devices. They want to view the site from their mobile device. Therefore, responsive design will become almost imperative.

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Interactivity is necessary.

The best approach, of course, is to interact with your users. And for this, you need an interactive content and design to share stories with the audience. In the interactive Web layout, there is a layout called tile-style appearance layout is very popular. And a few years ago, neither the Web designer nor the site owner would feel this looking for their site. But later Pinterest achieved great success, and this type of Web page layout also became popular. A lot of sites now have the appearance of tiles.

The application of parallax Scrolling in Web pages:

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Parallax scrolling adds fun

As more and more people browse the Web on mobile devices, the scrolling effect will be more prominent. Browsing the web now requires fewer clicks, and there are different forms of scrolling animations. Among them, parallax scrolling is very popular. Parallax Scrolling (Parallax scrolling) is a new web design technique that allows multi-layered backgrounds to move at different speeds to form a three-dimensional motion parallax effect, although purely visual, but the visual experience created during content scrolling is excellent!

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Leading 2015 years of web design trends

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