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Leangoo Big Lecture Hall  

April 9, sponsored by Leangoo.com Leangoo Lecture Hall-with Leangoo to do Scrum Agile development Practice course in Beijing University of Technology International Education Exchange Center successfully held.

The lecture by Leangoo and the founder and CEO of Scrum Chinese network Liao Jingbin teacher, Liao is a well-known domestic scrum and agile experts, starting from 2006 to practice scrum and agile Development, is China's scrum and agile pioneers.

Although the lecture was held in Beijing for the first time, it was widely concerned that nearly hundred Leangoo users and agile practitioners from more than 50 enterprises gathered to listen to Mr. Liao's agile combat experience and

Leangoo Agile Practice Landing method.

Dry share:

Activity 2 o'clock in the afternoon start on time, teacher Liao simply introduced himself and then went straight to the subject.

This session is divided into three sessions, the first session is agile thinking, then scrum roles, frameworks and processes, and finally agile requirements management, user stories and user story maps.

In the agile thinking part Liao teacher combined with his many years of actual combat experience, to share a few industry cases, through the case study we quickly understand:

Three core ideas of agility:

1 Value driven-focus on high-priority goals, first of all. Start early with high-priority requirements. Get feedback as early as possible and deliver working software to users.

2 adaptation to change-frequent delivery of visible results, frequent confirmations. Make sure you deliver the right results!

3 "self-organizing team--target-driven, shared responsibility. Self-organizing team feedback is faster and more efficient. In-person communication is the team's most efficient way to collaborate! From contract mode to shared responsibility.

Then Mr. Liao began to introduce the scrum role, the framework. He uses the three characters of the dragon boat to mimic the role of scrum, the vivid image, the people are in a boat.

Scrum roles, frameworks, processes:

Scrum roles four sessions + one activity three artifacts

1 "Product owner (PO) 1" Sprint planning Session 1 "product backlog

2 "Scrum Master 2" daily Station 2 "Sprint backlog

3 "Development team 3" Sprint review Session 3 "Burndown chart

4 "Sprint Review Conference

5 "Product Backlog grooming

Scrum Process:

in the third part of the course, Mr. Liao demonstrated how to use Leangoo to manage agile requirements, create story maps, manage Iteration Kanban, create a sprint Backlog, follow up on project progress. Here is a demo diagram:

Sprint Backlog:

Use Leangoo to create an example of a Sprint backlog electronic kanban with a swimlane:

Follow up the project Progress Burndown chart:

Use Leangoo for visual team collaboration:


The teacher is sharing the Internet case:

Product Backlog Grooming activities to share:

Students who are listening carefully:

Students who concentrate on taking notes:

Students use their mobile phone to take pictures of the way to remember points:

Intermission! Everyone has to take out the mobile phone sweep QR code to pay attention to Leangoo:

finally in the activities of the question and answer session, Liao teacher also very patiently answered the questions of the students, we also expressed their love and support for Leangoo products.

The event is Leangoo lecture on Beijing station, follow-up will also be held in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Nanjing, and so on, welcome to pay attention.

Leangoo Official website: http://www.leangoo.com



Leangoo Lecture-Beijing station Wonderful review

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