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There are three main types of Android animations: Motion tweens, frame animations, and property animations (introduced later in android3.0) Learn more about the basics of animation, and read more about the blog http://www.cnblogs.com/angeldevil/ Archive/2011/12/02/2271096.html . The main article on Android animation in the project development problems and solutions are listed as follows:

1, the attribute animation is introduced after android3.0. According to the project experience in the work, the property animation efficiency appears to be higher than the motion tween and frame animation. Property animations are recommended for devices above android3.0, and property animations can be used to animate motion tweens and frame animations. The animation does not start when the view property that needs to show the animation is set to the gone state.

2, about the frame animation start can not start in the OnCreate, in the OnCreate startup there is a possibility that the view control does not appear loaded so that the animation effect does not work, generally in the Onwindowfocuschanged method to start the animation.

3, about deleting the view that contains the animation in ViewGroup, because the view animation has not been completed even though the view has been deleted but still remains on the screen, you can call the method in ViewGroup Cleardisappearingchildren Avoid the occurrence of the above situation. It is also recommended to call the Refresh method after calling the method in the low version of Android.

4. For horizontal scrolling, the ListView can be implemented using the latest Android Recylerveiw.

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