Learn about the new features of NetBeans 6 through an instance Part 4: Version management of source code

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This system article uses NetBeans 6.0 (. 1) as a development tool. Both the English and Chinese versions of NetBeans 6.1 have been successfully published, so this article also applies to the NetBeans 6.1 Chinese development environment.

The Chinese version of NetBeans 6.1 downloads the following page (2008-06-04):


Type of version management system

Open the list of revision control software entries in Wikipedia, from "old system" to "current system" to "active developing systems", with a total of 62 listed systems (up to the time of this writing). In this, the version management system can be divided into distributed model (distributed mode) and Client-server model (client server models, that is, centralized) two kinds.

Mercurial belong to distributed mode. The so-called distributed model refers to: using Peer-to-peer form, the repository copy is placed around each participant, through Peer-to-peer Exchange patch to achieve each machine's resource pool synchronization operation. Because of the high degree of freedom of the form, the user must be consciously updated, and some people say that the threshold is too high.

Subversion and CVS belong to the centralized type. The so-called centralized type refers to: the integration of server and client configuration, all historical information stored in the server side, and then provided to many people to share. In the client side, the editor version can be copied, the registration version and comparison of all the operations can be implemented through the network, it can be said that a high reliance on the Internet form.

Local history, as the name suggests, is the preservation of historical information locally. Local history does not require any setting, is simple to use, but is not suitable for sharing historical information with others.

Use Case-Mercurial

Prepare Mercurial

NetBeans IDE 6.0/6.1 does not have Mercurial, and if you are using an OS environment that does not provide Mercurial, you will need to install it separately. Please refer to this URL: http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/wiki/.

NetBeans IDE 6.1 is included with the Mercurial plug-in, but NetBeans IDE 6.0 does not include the plugin. So when you use NetBeans IDE 6.0, you need to install the Mercurial plug-in through the plugins manager.

The Mercurial plug-in installation method is simple, select Tools > Plugins, select the Available Plugins tab in the pop-up Plugins window, and then select the Mercurial installation checkbox, click the Install button, and then follow the instructions.

Solo development (Mercurial script 1)

Create a resource pool

You can create a specific NetBeans project based on your favorites, and then create and submit a resource pool. Select the target project in the Projects window and select Version Control > Mercurial > Initialize project from the menu bar.

Select the target project in the Projects window and select Version Control > Mercurial > Initialize project from the menu bar.

Figure 1: Initializing the Menu

Figure 2: Initializing the log

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