Learn android HTTP preparation knowledge together (16), android preparation

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Learn android HTTP preparation knowledge together (16), android preparation

In the Android system, the following three communication interfaces are provided:

1. standard Java interface: java.net.

2. Apache interface: org. apache. http.

3. Android Network Interface: android.net. http.

To access the network, you need to set the app to obtain the permission for android. permission. INTERNET in the Android system.

The following are the packages related to network connections:

1. java.net

This package provides networking-related classes, including stream and datagram sockets, Internet protocols, and common HTTP processing.

2. java. io

Each type in the package is used through sockets and links provided by other Java packages. They can be used to interact with local files.

3. java. nio

Various types of data buffering are included to facilitate network communication between two endpoints of Java speech.

4. org. apache .*

Various packages that provide fine-grained control and functions for HTTP Communication.

5. android.net

Includes a variety of additional network access sockets, including the URL class, beyond the core java.net. * class.

6. android.net. http

Contains various types of SSL certificates that can be operated.

7. android.net. wifi

Contains various types of WI-FI that can manage all aspects of the Android platform.

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