Learn C # Basics this time

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Seems to cross the feeling, I came to this week in Friday, always in Friday, know the concept of time, the morning will lecture, but in the afternoon is a summary of the small exercise, the morning teacher told us the Commission, in the lecture time feel very simple ah, where there is a difficult place ah, has been curious, The teacher shows us the time I feel very good ah, but after the time of my own practice I found that I was wrong, although know how the delegation method of the whole, but let oneself again define write a, but blind, do not know in the delegate call of the method how to write, even do not know how to write the order of the method, immediately feel tangled ah However, under the leadership of the problem, but also to let the teacher to tell us again, now is OK, but the feeling is not familiar with, every day to tell yourself that many are to practice. But they didn't do it.

When the time has not come for formal classes, about 1th, I began to watch a TV show, so I have been chasing the play, every day update three sets of data, I am not anxious to wait for nine points back to watch TV, feel every day is to go to class I seriously study, listen to the teacher lectures, evening also on time to nine O ' Night, summed up the content of today, and then practice, to the Nine o'clock go home, has been in the wake of the dream of the era of crossing, why today there is time in this long-winded, it is because the TV show in today's play, I also quiet, may later watch the film, but in the training of the four months not to watch TV, This shadow also makes me afraid Ah, perhaps see those training people all stay up late to study, what study to 12 o ' Day, early morning ... But I did not, the training time has passed 20 days, but I feel I still procrastinate, no sense of crisis that, is it me is this, I have a little to understand their own, how can this, but fortunately, I reflect on myself today, I will correct, do a hard work of their own.

This afternoon to do a summary of the small exercise, feel good to write a few questions, is the teacher recently talked about abstract class, class inheritance, virtual method and rewrite, there is a factory, other feeling okay, but in doing factory time really feel don't know how to do it, At last, I did not write the methods of each class, which is the saddest thing for me.

TV show is over, I want to study well, imagine those early morning figure, I have to say, I also want to be down, can not do so, life if you do not work hard, who can change you? Since I chose to rely on their own, since I chose to go. Net this road, then why do I have to do so not to be moved to that, is the time to choose how hard, say that interest is the best teacher, now is the training time, I am still a free person, with their wishes to go? is not wrong, should be changed under that, a few days may be faced with the project is the problem, so, or steady out of their own way!

Time to himself, my vision of life has given itself, but the direction of imprisonment or to have drops. Ask yourself what you think, what you get, what you have to say, just remind yourself what I should do now and what to do next.

Learn C # Basics this time

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