Learn git to play with GitHub notes (i)--github Basic Concepts & Warehouse Management

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first, the basic concept of GitHub

Purpose of Use: Managed project code with GitHub

1. Warehouse (respository)

2. Collection (Star)

3. Cloning a clone Project (fork): fork-you open up a project, others want to make some improvement on your project, and then apply it to your project, then he can fork your project (open the Project homepage and click the Fork button in the upper right corner), Then you have one more item on your home page (based on your project) and you can do anything.

4. Initiating the request (pull request): Based on fork, others fork your project code, on this basis to make a change, feel good, you can get the request (PR), the original project creator, that is, you, received the request, Can review his code, after testing feel good, can accept his PR, so that he did the improvement project will have.

5. Attention (Watch)

6. Transaction Card (Issue): Found code bug, there is no molding code, need to discuss the use of. The solution can be close off.

7.GitHub home: Show user dynamics on the left, follow users or focus on the warehouse, and show all Git libraries on the right.

8. Warehouse Home Page: Main display project information, such as: Project code, version, attention, fork situation.

9. Profile: Personal information, Avatar, profile, attention to my people, people I care about, my focus on Git library, my open source project, I contribute to open source projects and other information. second, warehouse management New File

Warehouse Home page, click "Create New File" to build the warehouse file

Edit File

Warehouse Home page, click on "Files to modify" to go to the File Details page

Deleting Files

︴ thinking about deleted files how to view information

Answer: Click the commits button to view

Uploading Files

Search Warehouse Files

Learn a trick: shortcut keys (t)

Download/Check out Project

Reprint Source: http://www.cnblogs.com/zjfjava/p/6679354.html

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